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The Mystery Octagon!

The Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic ocean, off of Africa, are a series of volcanic islands. They have been the subject of some videos I made for this blog in past posts. Where in I suggest they can be the site for Atlantis. Whether you are open to this idea or not, there are many unusual features on these islands that merit investigation. The Octagon is one of these suspicious sites.  

Cape Verde Islands

Located on Boa Vista Island, on the north side.  There is a giant Octagon, nestled among some rugged hills.  Layed out on a flat plain in these hills.

The Octagon

Each segment of the Octagon is about 120 meters in length, some shorter, and longer.  It is also 295 meters across. There are no signs of human activity nearby. No mining, farming, no herds of animals.  Who designs polygons on volcanic islands, which are not supposed to be previously inhabited. It is an enigma waiting for an answer!

The Octagon Highlighted

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

UFO's Over Buffalo!

Buffalo Courier Express

Tuesday Morning,  July 8, 1947

Page 1

Buffalo Now Seeing Things --
Discs, That Is

Sky-Saucer Reports
Come Thick and Fast



Flying discs, flapjacks, or what
have you ? Buffalo's got 'em too—
but good.

The strangest of a number of
strange reports on the flying
whatchamaycallems came from
Jimmy Hoare, 19, of 26 Vandalia
St., who said the one he saw was

Jimmy was in earnest. So was
William Patton, 24, of 76 Sidway
St., who "saw it, too."

Hoare and Patton said they were
standing at South and Vandalia
after dark.

A Round Object, Lighted
"It shot through the sky right
over us," said Hoare. "It was sort
of round, and it was lighted."

"We are sure it was on "em,"
Hoare said. "It was headed out
toward the lake shore and was
really traveling."

About six of the objects were
reported by Francis Jones, 87
South St, according to Jones.
They seemed to be about four
er five feet across, he said.

"They were flying pretty high,"
he said. "I was with several other
fellows. They saw them, too."

James Renard, 19, of 208 Hastings
Ave, assistant manager of
Shea's Kensington Theater, said he
saw a flying object shortly before
midnight as he alighted from a
streetcar at Grider and Kensington.

"It was going north, and I'd say
at about 3,000 feet," said Renard.
"It looked just like a pancake to
me. It was going so fast, I could
only see it for about two seconds—
but I saw it! It was round, all
right and white."

Charles Koester, 19, of Cheektowaga,
and William B r o g a n,
Lackawanna, said they sighted a
single flying disc shooting along
at a tremendous height over Lake

"We were fishing from a small
boat off Sturgeon Point," said
Koester. "It was about 7.30 o'clock.
The water was pretty choppy. We
didn't stay out more than 45 minutes.
The thing looked to us like'
a globe, revolving very fast. Still,
it could have been a large airplane.
It was very high in the

Then there was the Buffalo
woman who said she saw something
"the size of a dirigible"
streak ever City Hall.

Sam Contini, 426 Madison St.,
Lackawanna, took the role of
spokesman for "several persons"
who were positive they saw a
"group of three" discs pass over
Hamburg Tpk.

"There were three of them together,"
said Contini. "We all saw
them. There was no doubt about
it. To tell you the truth, though,
to me they looked like light spots."

Another man who did not reveal
his  identity told a switchboard
operator at Police Headquarters
he had seen a disc flying through
the air while he was driving at
Main and Kensington.

Blue, With Orange Rim
Anthony M. Klinkroth. 28 Trumbull
Pky, Batavia, said he and his
family saw a saucerlike object
whizzing "like a streak across the
horizon" a few miles south of Batavia
the night of June 29th. He
said it was 24 inches in diameter
and seemed to be greenish blue in
the center with an orange rim.

"There was only one," said Klinkroth.
"It was going so fast that
when it disappeared it seemed to

William Slocum, Warsaw businessman
and volunteer fireman,
said he and several other firemen
sighted several "brightly illuminated"
discs midway between Arcade
and North Java while he was
en route to his home after attending
a meeting of county firemen
last Friday evening at Arcade.

"The brightness of the moon was
nothing to the white light that
came from the discs," said Slocum.
"They were high in the air east of
North Java and they were discernible
until they disappeared over
the Rochester area after covering
a distance of about 100 miles."

Article used with the Permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
     1300 Elmwood Ave.  
Buffalo, NY 14222-1095

Friday, December 1, 2017

Seneca Lake Snake!


Wednesday, August 26, 1914

Page Five



Monster is About 10 Feet long and
Has Bristly Hair -- Dodges
Shots Well.

Watkins, Aug. 26—Seneca lake's

sea serpent, at first believed to be

a newspaper hoax, next the product

of the vivid Imagination of the 

persons who it was alleged had been

seeing things, but for the past year

or so accepted as being in existence,

has - been seen again, this time at

this end of the lake.

One night recently Edrlck McConnell

of this village, accompanied by

a young lady, was rowing in the

cove at Corbett's point when the

animal in question suddenly rushed

toward deep water from a point near

the shore. Mr. McConnell's companion

was so badly frightened that

it was necessary to take her to the

cottage but as soon as possible McConnell

and John Roe armed with a

38 revolver went back to the point

where the animal had been seen.  At 

first nothing occured but after waiting

a half hour or so the serpent

suddenly appeared within a few feet

of the boat and with its head out

of water.  Mr. Connell fired twice

and the animal disappeared in a

swirl of water and did not appear


The serpent is described as being

about ten feet long and seven

or eight inches through, with a

head about the size of a man's. On

top of the beast's head was a quantity

of hair which stuck straight up.

The animal was snake like In appearance

and black in color.

This Is not the first report this

year of the sea serpent. Some weeks

ago an elderly gentleman whose veracity

can not be questioned claimed

be saw something out In the water

that he first mistook for a log. Suddenly

the object reared up two or

three feet In the air and plunged

out of sight beneath the waves.  A

motor boat returning to the local

harbor from a trip down the lake

heard a splashing a few feet ahead

that sounded as if a whale might be 

making it.  When the boat ran into

the place where the animal had been

disporting the water was fairly boiling.

Article reproduced with the kind 

permission of the successor of the 

Geneva  Daily Times;

The Finger Lakes Times.

Sunday, November 5, 2017




Page 3

Party Sets Out to Shoot
Sea Serpent With Cameras

Newsmen, Photographers, mariners, and
scientists search for monster

By Cleveland Williams

Seattle, Wash. Oct. 22 (AP) - a

party of newsmen, photographers,

mariners and scientists put out today

to search for the Hiaschuackaluck

 sea serpent and shoot him with cameras.

It was all very well for fishermen,

Indians, girl scouts, tourists and

suchlike imaginative persons to report

80-foot monsters swimming in

Okanogan Lake and off the coast of

Vancouver Island, but when ministers,

provincial officials and hardboiled

sea-captains asserted they

saw the dread cadborosaurus, "Amy"

of the serrated dorsal fins and 

terrible fangs, that was too much.

A Victoria newspaper sent the expedition

in the Straits of Juan de Fuca, 

where Capt. W. N. Prengel of

the Grace liner Santa Lucia reported

he saw a sea monster of giant size.

Capt. Prengel was reluctant to discuss

the nightmare that has caused

such a commotion until he arrived

in Victoria, B.C., from New York,

and found Canadians were talking

of it.

"My navigating officer called my 

attention to a big, peculiarly shaped

object about 300 feet away," he said.

"We saw it was moving rapidly.  It 

cut quite a wake, and when it

disappeared it left quite a wide area

of foam, as if a giant tail had lashed

the water."

Navigating Officer A. E. Richards

said it was early in the morning,

and the ship was about 25 miles

east of Victoria.

"The serpent was lying on the

water," he said, "and when we came

past it lifted its head and looked

at the ship. It had a face something

like a sea cow. Its head was

about 36 inches broad and maybe

4 feet long. The serpent or whatever

you want to call it was about

90 feet long, sort of grayish. It's

body was a foot or a foot and a

half in diameter. It had a vicious

tail and was lashing the water."

Now there you have the story of

the two responsible mariners who

said they were wide awake and in 

an observant frame of mind.

Newsmen, before taking off to

hunt the reptile, said the only thing

that seemed to be missing when the

officers saw it Saturday was the 

serrated dorsal fin reported by more

than ten others.

Skeptics agreed the number of

seamen, familiar with sea-otters,

dolphins and such deceptive creatures

who say they have seen old

hiaschucholuck seemed to have disposed

of that theory of the origin

of the sea-serpent reports.

Article used with the Permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.  
Buffalo, NY 14222-1095

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Gurkha Ghost

Buffalo Courier Express

Sunday, April 25, 1955

Page 36 D

Ghost Keeps Endless
Vigil on Fort Sentry

Editor's Note—An extra sentry wallet the post at night on
Khamba Fort. It is the "ghost of the Gurkha Havildar," and
high in the Kashmir Mountains he keeps the other sentries
alert. When they falter, he calls out, and sometimes slaps
their face.

—When night comes to the
mountains of Kashmir, the men
of Khamba Fort are tense. No
sentry dares sleep on duty here.
For Indian army men who
guard this fort are—or so they
believe—watched over by the
"ghost of the Gurkha Havildar."
And he is a harsh taskmaster.
In these mountains, where superstition
abounds, the legend
of the Gurkha ghost has become
famous. It is whispered
through the battalions facing
Pakistan forces across the
ceasefire line that divides this

army officers, although
disbelieving the legend, are content
to let it grow because the
Gurkha ghost solves many disciplinary
problems in Khamba
Indian troops swear he prowls
the fort at night, slapping the
faces of sentries who aren't
alert and using his best parade
ground language to berate slovenly
The legend springs from fact
—a heroic one-man assault on
Khamba Fort during the bitter
1948 war between India and
Pakistan for Kashmir. The fort,
held by Pakistani forces, had
fought off Indian troops for

a Gurkha Havildar (sergeant)
found a crack In the fort's
steep, thick stone walls and one
night, armed only with grenades
and a knife, crept inside. He
killed all the defenders but was
fatally wounded himself
It is the ghost of this Gurkha
that is said to roam Khamba
Lance Nalk (corporal) Ram
Prakash is among the fort's
current defenders who say they
have met the Gurkha ghost. It
happened one night recently
when firing broke out along the
cease-fire line.
A terrifying voice rose, he
says, from a turret on the
fort's wall: "I have given my
life for this post. Why are you
so slack?"

Prakash, came the sound of a
face being slapped.
It was learned later, Prakash
says, that a sentry in the turret
was nodding over his rifle and
was accosted by the Gurkha
The men of Khamba Fort say
they know the Gurkha ghost
well. Each can describe in detail
the clothing worn by the
weird figure they say strides
the ramparts at night (by all accounts
he invariably appears
wearing only one shoe. The other
apparently was lost in battle
17 years ago).

ON OUR SIDE-"The ghost of
that man is very alert," says
Naik Karam Singh. "He Is a
very good soldier. And I guess
we're really not afraid of him
bedause we know he is on our
Besides, the men of Khamba
Fort are very careful to put out
cups of tea and sweets to placate
the lonely Gurkha ghost
who m a i n t a i n s his vigil
throughout the night.
And, they say, the tea and
sweets always are gone by day.

Article used with the Permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.   
   Buffalo,  NY 14222-1095

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Serpent with a Mane!

The Buffalo Courier

Saturday, June 29, 1895

Page 2


Good View of His Snakeship Obtained

Near Traverse Beach, Mich.

Traverse City, Mich., June 28.—A resident

near Traverse Beach, resort, three

miles from here, was greatly alarmed yesterday

morning at the appearance of what

looked like a monster sea serpent. It was

discovered by the children of Mrs. Whit-

ing. The monster first' appeared 100 feet

from the shore. It raised its head from

the water about six feet, showing a flowing

mane and huge flappers on the neck

and long hair on the back. Mrs. Whiting

went to the shore and examined it through

opera glasses. It gamboled about for an

hour, but its entire length could not be


Frank Durfee fired his shot gun at the

creature without perceptible effect. Sev-

eral shots followed and finally the serpent,

after rearing its great hairy head

into the air and waving its flappers, disappeared,

creating a wild disturbance in

the water.

Some who saw the object declare it was

60 feet loug and that its jaws extended a

foot, with long fangs on the upper and

lower jaws. All the witnesses are well

known and reliable.

Article used with the Permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.   
   Buffalo,  NY 14222-1095

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Chautauqua County Sea Serpent!

The Buffalo Courier

Monday, October 8, 1894

Page 2


He Showed Himself in 
Chautauqua County in 1817.


But He Was Eclipsed by an Ocean
Rival That Inspired a 
Mayville Bard.

To the Editor of the Courier:
The record given in yesterday's Courier
of the public appearance of the great lake
serpent is not complete. He was first seen
off the shore of Chautauqua County, more
than 75 years ago, as appears by the following
extract from a paper published in
Erie, Pa , in July, 1817:

"On the 3d of July, 30 miles below this
place, and three miles from land, the crew
of the schooner Gen. Scott saw a serpent
35 or 40 feet in length, and its neck, which
it put out of the water a few yards from
the vessel, 10 or 12 inches in diameter. Its
color was a dark mahogany, nearly black.
The lake was smooth, and they had a perfect
view of it for more than a minute."

The locality designated is between Barcelona
and Van Buren Point so the serpent
clearly belongs to Chautauqua County,
 When the description of his snakeship
reached Boston, there was a fear that the
Atlantic was losing prestige, and that its
fame would be eclipsed by a Western fresh
water pond; a feeling undoubtedly like that
which filled the breast of a gallant colonel
of a crack regiment in the late War, who,
when he was informed by his chaplain that
there had been a revival of religion in a
rival regiment and that 10 men had been
baptized, called his orderly and told him to
detail 15 men for immediate baptism, adding
'that he'd be blanked if he'd be outdone
by any regiment in the service. So very
soon in the Eastern papers appeared an account
of the splendid sea-serpent seen by
Cant. Wheeler in the harbor of Gloucester,
Mass., 100 feet long with a head as long
as that of a horse, and a body as large as
a barrel. This magnificent denizen of the
salt, sea was too much for our ophidian,
and he sank into obscurity. Even James
H. Price, who lived in Mayville and was
our own poet laureate, deeply chagrined,
undoubtedly, that the weakness of the Lake
Erie people should be such that they should
be tempted into telling the first snake
story, blushed for the honor of the county.
He felt that our snake was too small. In
his ode to the Eastern snake he entirely
ignored the little fresh-water wiggler seen
from the schooner Gen. Scott between Barcelona
and Van Buren Point, went after
strange gods, and invited the Eastern serpent
to come through the Erie Canal when
it should be completed and visit our Western waters.

We copy the greater part of his ode
which was published in Mayville in
Chautauqua Eagle in 1819.

Ode to the Sea Serpent.

"Monstrum horrendum informe ingens."

"Majestic wanderer of the deep,
O, could I catch thee fast asleep.
And learn exact thy shape and quantity,
I'd give the richest verse to flow,
And joyous round thy brow bestow
The wreath of immortality.

"But whether speckled, green, or black
Thy belly white or striped thy back,
No mother's son has told;
Were I permitted now to choose
Thy dress, I'd give the brightest hues,
Sea-green and burnished gold.

"An oysterman. by way of feint,
Clep'd Capt. Wheeler, makes complaint,
His face with terror pale,
That very much to his surprise,
He saw your worship's head and eyes—
But not your worship's tail.

"And many a goodly gallant sail
Shall see thy head, perchance thy tail.
Through long succeeding years;
While off Cape Ann or off Cape Cod
Right valiantly they swear by G—d
Tour serpentineship appears."

"Dost know, that we New Yorkers shall
Soon have a "big ditch" called canal
By cash and toll unsparing?
And when complete, the work
Kindly we'll let your highness thro
To take a western airing.

"Maybe fresh water don't agree.
Most mighty king of snakes, with thee,
Nor suit thy princely notion:
And thou thy prefer'st for toil or play,
In melancholy mood or gay
The azure paths of ocean.

"Then like a meteor snake afar
Long may'st thou shine the sailor's star;
Give every whale a whipping;
And prithee stand, with two bright eyes
(Till we can get some new supplies)
A lighthouse for our shipping."

O. E.
Sinclairvllle. Chautauqua County, October 6.

Article used with the Permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.   
   Buffalo,  NY 14222-1095

The Mystery Octagon!

The Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic ocean, off of Africa, are a series of volcanic islands. They have been the subject of some vide...