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The Devil Of Warwick; A Old News Story of the Occult.


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He Had Pale-Green Whiskers

-- Or Were They Pink ?




This Doesn’t Quite Agree with

Orthodox Opinions, but the

Four Men of Warwick, Orange

County Were Rattled.


By Buffalo Express Special Wire.

Middleton, May 27. - About ten miles from

here is the pretty little town of Warwick.

It is in the Warwick Valley, and on every

side the mountains loom up around it. About

1,500 people live here in Warwick all the year

round , and in the summer this number is

usually increased by 500. The people of

Warwick are, for the greater part, advocates

of temperance. That is what makes

the strange tale which comes from this little

town all the more remarkable.

At present the town folk are greatly

wrought up over the alleged appearance of

the devil. The devil was not seen by one

man alone , but by four at the same time.

As a result these four men are prostrated,

and three hunting hounds, who had the misfortune

to be with there masters at the time,

refuse to eat or drink, and lie in their

kennel all day whining. The four men are

George Springer, Gode Smith, Dave Green

And Dory Toner, all eminently respectable

Men, who have spent their lives in the

mountains and have reputations for nerve

and veracity. Since his first appearance the

devil has remained in seclusion, and the skeptics

hint that there is no possibility of his ever

being seen again, with a doubtful mark

as for the “again.” Nevertheless, nothing

short of a team of horses could pull any one

of the men near the dreaded spot.

Parts of Warwick Mountain are, barring

the wild beasts, as wild as African jungles.

The mountain is about two miles from the

town. It is thickly wooded, and the roads,

which are seldom used, are almost covered

with a heavy underbrush. Last Sunday

afternoon Smith, Green, Tomer and Springer.

Accompanied by three hounds, went out

to do a little hunting . They walked a good

many miles along the mountainside, and it

was dark before they started for home. They

took a different road back, they say, going

over the mountain instead of around it.

And old broken-down house on a deserted

farm, on top of the mountain is known

as the Caleb Sayer place. It is a gloomy

spot in the day time, and worse at night.

There is not a house within thee miles of

it, and superstitious persons have declared it

to be the abode of ghosts and spirits. The

men say as they approached the place,

the dogs, who had been unusually frisky,

began to whine and run about with their

tails between their legs. Surprised at this

conduct, the hunters cocked their guns and

looked around, but could see nothing.

As they approached the old house,

the dogs whined louder than before, and

unusually refused to follow their masters. The

men tried to drag them along, but they

howled so that they were released. The moment

they were free, they ran back over

the road, and that was the last seen of them

until Monday morning, when they returned

home with their tails between their legs.

They have since refused to leave their kennels.

After the dogs ran away, the men proceeded

Along the road until they were opposite

the gate which formerly barred entrance to

The old Caleb Sayer farm. There they were

Stopped. The first remarkable thing that

Happened, was the sudden springing up of

a cool breeze. There had been but little

wind up to that time, and the men were

surprised. All of a sudden a pale green

light appeared among the ruins. It was not

a brilliant light , but dull and gloomy. They

at first thought that something was on fire,

and were discussing the advisability of running

in and extinguishing the flames, when

the figure suddenly appeared. It seemed to

be standing on the edge of a piece of board,

And there was a demoniacal grin on its

face. It’s hand was in the air, and as it

looked at the four spellbound men, it rolled

it’s eyes in a most terrible fashion.

This much of the story the four men agree

upon. But there are details in which they

do not agree. For instance, while Springer

Insists that the apparition had horns of a

golden cast. Smith is equally positive that

it did not, and Green and Tomer acknowledge

that they were to badly scared to pay

much attention to details. All agree, however

that the apparition had whiskers and a

a moustache, which Green and Smith insist

were pale green, but the other two are very

positive that they were a brilliant pink.

It is possible that pale green halo which

seems to have hovered around the apparition

may have dazzled Messrs. Smith and Green

until they could see no other color. The men

agree that the face “shone like a bottle”

and that the hands were as bright as though

they had been dipped in phosphorous. The

body, they say, was of a dull black.

It was so black, in fact, that the men could

not make out whether the thing wore clothes

Or not.

Not a sound did the apparition utter, but

Its actions speak volumes. The hand in the

air was held in a threatening manner, as

though the apparition was about to strike

or throw something. While the thing was

in sight , the men say they were perfectly

powerless, but as soon as it disappeared

their strength seemed to come back again.

The apparition chose a novel mode of making

its exit. One of the men described it

as follows to a reporter:

“The greenish smoke ,” he said, “began to

thicken and gradually it entirely enveloped

the body. Although the apparition disappeared

into the earth, the head remained in

the same position for several seconds after

the legs and body had disappeared. The

green smoke surrounded the legs first and

and gradually crawled up until reached the

head. Then the head gave a last fearful

grin, and was itself enveloped in smoke.

Suddenly the green smoke cleared away and

the apparition was gone. Everything was

as it had been before the devil, or whatever

it was appeared. The cold breeze stopped

as suddenly as it had sprung up. As soon

as we recovered ourselves we pulled up our

guns and fired into the brush where the

thing had been. There was no sound save

that of our guns, and when we jumped the

fence and ran over and looked there was

nothing to be seen. Each of us thought we

must have imagined it all, but by comparing

notes we found that we had actually seen

the devil. People may laugh and tell us we

had been drinking too much, but I say that

the whole thing is gospel truth. None of

us had been drinking and we saw that thing

As plainly as I see you now.

On Monday morning the four men marched

to the office of a lawyer and told him the

whole thing. The local newspapers took it

up and have been publishing serious accounts

of it. The men have many friends

who say they the last men on earth to

tell such a tale unless it were true, and

there is talk of getting up a party to watch

the Caleb Sayer place for a couple of nights.

Others, however, have gone into paroxysms

of glee over the tale and insists that Messrs.

Springer, Green, Tomer and Smith have been

made fools of by somebody, and that the

rolling eyes were either the eyes of a tramp

or flickering candles inside a hollow Pumpkin.

In a little haunt in the wood, about three

miles from the Caleb Sayer place, lives old

Silas Norton. It is a failing of his, always

to know just what is going to happen after

it had happened. It is only justice, however,

to say that Silas has always maintained that

certain places on Warwick Mountain were

the abode of uncanny spirits.

When a man ran into Sile’s house on

Monday morning, and told him of the

apparition which had appeared. He simply said:

“Well, what of that? Hain’t I always said

As how spooks was up that thar mounting?”

When Siles informer, in describing the

Apparition, got to the green whiskers, Sile

Interrupted him by exclaiming this significantly.

“Green whiskers, eh? Did he have horns


“So they say,” answered the man.

“Kinder gold and blue?”


“An eyes wot rolled?”

“I think so, but what ____”

“An’ a black body,” interrupted Sile, “Tell

Me, did he have a black body?”

“Yes,” faltered the man.

“Well that’s him,” said Sile, and he returned

To his work. The man tried his

Best to make Sile explain himself, but to no

purpose. Sile is an expert on ghosts,

and the inference is that recognized an old

friend in the description of the one which

appeared on Warwick Mountain.

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