Thursday, July 22, 2010

Noahs Face on Mount Ararat!

According to the story in Genesis, Noahs Ark landed on the mountains of Armenia.  They would have spent along time around that mountain, rebuilding society.  So there might be proof of there presence there; besides the Ark itself of course!  Using "Google Earth" satellite images you can see proof of there presence.  There appears to be some type of memorial on the North West side of Mount Ararat.  The memorial is a lower slope and hill.  On the lower slope of Ararat, there is an image of a lions head.  Opposite the lion, on a large hill area is the profile image of a man.  His head, prominent nose, and beard can be discerned.  Then further away, where the slope and hill converge.  Another image, perhaps of the individual responsible for the memorial.  He might be a son or descendant of Noah.  It would be someone that knew Noah after the flood; so he could see to the creation of Noahs profile.  There is even a square reflecting pool of water in front of this image!  Finally, a interesting observation.  The three images together make a Y shape; with there position, and the geography there carved into!  Could this be a reference to the name of God, YHWH!?

Lions Head


Noah Highlighted

Noahs Son?

The Y

See Update Here: Noah's Face Update!

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