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Sea Serpents Day at the Beach!


Thursday - May 7, 1896

Page 9, column 1




The Sea Serpent Pays a

Visit to Buffalo Waters.


Seen At Crystal Beach.


Three Credible Witnesses Watched

the Play of a Forty - Foot Monster

Near the Canadian Shore - Not a

Trail of Soot This Time.

If any more evidence were needed to

prove that a sea serpent is a fact, an

entity, a real corporeal existence, and not

an advertising device, a myth, a nightmare,
 a creation of the supersensitive nerves, 

 or overindulgence in anti-RamesLaw

mixtures, or the overwrought imagination,

that evidence was had at Crystal

Beach about sunset Tuesday night, when

three artless and truthful persons of good

eyesight saw a monster 40 feet long

disporting himself in the water within 100

yards of shore.

The persons who saw the great serpent

were Lina Beecher, his wife, and Mrs.

Gilchriese of Crystal Beach. They had

gone down to the beach about 80 rods

east of the landing, just opposite the

cottage of John A. Miller, at the lower end

of Oak Ridge. There is a rocky point

here, and as the day was fine and the

temperature comfortable, the ice having

disappeared from the water, they went out

on the point of the shoal. The noticed

considerable commotion in the water about

300 feet distant, and as it was not all in

one spot they supposed that the fish had

suddenly become playful and were

jumping from the water. This theory,

however, was soon shown to be untenable,

as The head of a monster serpent rose three

feet above the surface of the water. The

creature opened its mouth at least six

inches, so the witnesses say, and play-

fully spouted water into the air.

Its head was not all that the people

saw. The creature moved about and lashed

the water with its tail, which according

to Mr. Beecher’s estimate, was 40 feet

from its head.  Parts of its body were

visible, also.

Mr. Beecher threw fragments of stone

at the hideous object, but without

apparent effect. He says that he cannot be

mistaken about what he saw , and the

women corroborate what he says. He

saw the face and eyes of the object. Its

head, he says, was fully twice as large as

his own. Its color was black. The serpent

 would approach the spot where the

party stood for a short distance, and then

it would retreat. Where it was, the water

is perhaps 15 or 20 feet deep. Mr. Beecher

declares that if he had been alone

He would never have told of what he saw,

because he would not expect people to

believe the story. As there were three

who saw it, however, it does not seem

that there can be any mistake about the


It would be interesting to know more

about Mr. Beecher’s serpent. Is it a single

serpent or has it a family? Is Crystal

Beach its headquarters or has it an

inclination to travel and does it visit the

American shore, as well as the Canadian?

does it like the temperature of Lake Erie

better than the icy waters of Lake

Superior? Is the flavor of perch or of

muskellunge most to its liking?

It would be a great joke on the serpent

if it should make a journey down the river

some day and get drawn into the rapids.

The experience of tumbling over the falls

for a 40-foot serpent would be extremely

interesting, if not pleasant. Meanwhile

the existence of such a specimen in this

region is not calculated to encourage timid

maiden bathers to venture far from shore

at Crystal Beach, the coming summer.

-Original article from the microfilm records at,

Buffalo & Erie County Public Library
Central Library
1 Lafayette Square
Buffalo, NY  14203

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