Sunday, January 30, 2011

Noah's Face Update.

Since my original post of images and speculation on "Google Earth" satellite images of Mount Ararat; there have been new satellite images of the area.  It appears that it discredits my original speculation; there no face looking up the mountain.   But, there is always the possibility that different angles may effect the image.  Here are the same positions for the old images; but with the new imagery.  Of the three, only the lion still remains visible; though it might simply be a natural formation.  In closing, there are some interesting possibilities with the new imagery.   The clearer imagery shows what might be ruins of simple buildings, or possibly animal pens!  Otherwise it might be natural formations, in the same area of the face.  Take a look at the new imagery, and reach your own conclusion. 

Noah's face missing.

Red hill at the Son site.

Ruins or natural formation?

Animal pens?

The lion.

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