Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meet the Beavers!

The beaver casting a wary eye on the photographer.

It's been a long cold winter, but were finally getting into the early spring thaws and freezes.  Of course I have been checking up on the U.B. Beavers in Ellicott Creek.  The creek has been mostly frozen over during winter; so I could only hear the beavers bouncing off the ice, as they swam about.  Now, the thaws have cleared the creek;  and I have been able to get some short videos of them.  There are a pair of beavers and at least one kit.  They' re usually very wary, and the one parent gave me a couple of tail slaps and some charges in the water. Trying to drive me off, but the beaver calmed down and let me video it.  These pictures and video are all near the lodge.  The first video is the kit from an early thaw.  Then the second is the adult beaver, after all the ice as just cleared at the end of February.  Hopefully, there will be more to see during the summer!

The little beaver out and about!

The little beaver taking a peek!

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