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Which came first, the Snake or the Egg?

The Buffalo Courier

Sunday, May 31, 1896

Page 15, Column 3


An Amusing Snake


Drinks Hard Cider When Thirsty -

Curious Antics Follow.

The Most intelligent and accomplished

snake whose history has yet been recorded

lives on the farm of Frank Griswold, at

Long Hill, about six miles from this city.

The snake in Question has made its home

under the floor of the woodshed attached

to the Griswold homestead for more than

10 years.

When Mr. Griswold was a boy - and he

is not so very old now - in one of his youthful

excursions through the woods and fields,

he unearthed the nest of a black -

snake and took the eggs home . Some of

these eggs he placed under a hen, which

was patiently sitting on a nest full of hens

and ducks eggs. He awaited the result

with impatience, and in due time the old

hen was called upon to look out for a

conglomerate brood of chickens, ducks,

and snakes. “Teddy” is the last of this

nondescript family. His brothers and sisters

have all departed this life, some by way

of the chopping block, and others from

natural causes.

“Teddy” lived and became a pet. He

took up his residence under the woodshed,

and has lived there ever since. In the

daytime he consorts with the hens, and divides

the labor of caring for the broods

of chicks with them. He has inherited the

trick of calling the chicks about him and

it is amusing sight to watch him hunting

bugs and worms for a brood of chicks

who gather round him to receive the luscious

morsels. Whenever he feels thirsty he

crawls through a hole in the wall into the

cellar and dips his nose down through the

bunghole of the cider barrel. Sometimes

he gets a little too much of the seductive

liquid, and furnishes a free show for Mr.

Griswold and his friends. It is a most

amusing sight to see “Teddy” staggering

about with a big jag on and making

desperate efforts to keep straight. --

Bridgeport Union.

-Original article from the microfilm records at,

Buffalo & Erie County Public Library
Central Library
1 Lafayette Square
Buffalo, NY  14203

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