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This tale is in print; I'm not pulling your ........tail!?

The Dansville Express

Thursday September 27, 1883

page 1

The Missing Link Outdone.

Perhaps the greatest living cur-

osities now in existence in this

country will pass through this city

on their way to Cincinnati and

Louisville next Tuesday. About

two years ago Mr. Charles Lewis,

of the Lewis Bros, “Bloody Knife

Combination Company,” in passing

through the State , discovered, about

fifteen miles below St. Augustine,

a family of white persons, consist-

ing of John MacDonald, his wife

and five children. Two of the

children he found to be half human

and half alligator. He at once con-

tracted with the parents to give

him the management of the child-

ren, and agreed to pay them $25

per month to care for them until

such time as he saw fit to take them

away. A few weeks ago Mr. Lewis

returned to the State for the Pur-

pose of taking the children North,

and on Wednesday arrived in this

city to arrange for their transporta-

tion. He will go to St. Augustine

Monday after the children , and ar-

rive in this city with them perhaps

on Tuesday morning, and will re-

main here about five hours before

leaving for Louisville. Mr. Lewis

does not intend to exhibit them

here, perhaps to a few

friends and acquaintances.

Those children are now nine

years of age and have never been

to exceed ten miles from their home

and consequently have never been

placed on exhibition. Their bodies,

arms and heads from the hips up

are perfectly formed, while from

the hips down they present the

identical appearance of an alligator,

having a perfect formed tail about

five feet in length, together with

the hind feet, converse intelligent-

ly, and seem to enjoy life very

much. They live part of the time

in the water, which they enjoy very

much, using their tails while swim-

ming, the same as the alligator, to

propel their bodies. They are

healthy, good-looking and well de-

veloped children, and outside of

their love for the water their gen-

eral mode of living is the same

as that of other human beings. --

Jacksonville (Florida) Times.

-Original article from the microfilm records at,
Dansville Public Library
200 Main Street
Dansville, NY  14437

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