Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer with the Beavers!

Here's some pictures of the beavers, taken over this summer.  There doing very well, and their numbers have increased.  There's at least four, adults and young,  in the original lodge.   There also another beaver pair building a lodge in another part of the creek.  You can see them from the bike path as you cycle and jog by! 

Large Adult enjoying the greenery.

Along the creekside.

The new Beaver spots the photographer.
(A now notorius beaver, and tree eater.
Which was in The Buffalo News 8/12/2012)

Early morning swim.

A bad fur day!

Starting out his summer evening.


Raining Crystals!

Buffalo Daily Courier

Tuesday  April 10, 1860

Page 1, Column 2

Singular Phenomenon.

A singular phenomenon occurred in Syracuse

Friday afternoon.  At about 4 o’clock a dark

cloud arose in the northwest, presenting the ap-

pearance of an approaching thunder shower.  As

the clouds passed over, a slight shower, the ap-

pearanceof the drops resembling faint ink, was

quietly dispensed ; giving to all white objects the

appearance of having been spattered with small

drops of black ink.  The people in the streets

were surprised to find their faces and hands , and

even shirt bosoms and collars, spotted over with

this singular colored rain.  The sides of build-

ings,  and fences painted white , and the showbills

on the bulletin boards about the town, showed

traces of the same kind.  Clothes, hung out to

dry, were marked by the mysterious liquid.  A

resident of the Fifth Ward, who had clothing dis-

colored in this manner, had the garments washed

out in clean water, and has preserved the sedi-

ment , nearly a tea-spoonful in quantity, for the

purpose of analyzing it, to discover the cause of

the singular phenomenon.  A correspondent  of

the Syracuse Journal says the substance which

came down, was dark and of the nature of soot

and water mixed.  Falling upon light colored ob-

jects, it left a deposit such as a sprinkling of this

 compound might be supposed to leave.  Mr. B.

R. Norton placed some of the deposit under a

microscope that magnified 350 diameters.  Under

this test, it had the appearance of a collection of

irregular crystals, some rhomboidal, some pris-

matic, and many quite irregular.  They were

most translucent, although numerous masses of

an opaque substance were diffused among them.

What is it?  Can any scientific correspondent

Tell us?

-Original article from the microfilm records at,
Buffalo & Erie County Public Library    
 Lafayette Square
Buffalo, NY  14203


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