Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer with the Beavers!

Here's some pictures of the beavers, taken over this summer.  There doing very well, and their numbers have increased.  There's at least four, adults and young,  in the original lodge.   There also another beaver pair building a lodge in another part of the creek.  You can see them from the bike path as you cycle and jog by! 

Large Adult enjoying the greenery.

Along the creekside.

The new Beaver spots the photographer.
(A now notorius beaver, and tree eater.
Which was in The Buffalo News 8/12/2012)

Early morning swim.

A bad fur day!

Starting out his summer evening.


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  1. I love your photos and pray the beavers make it through the trapping. I am one of those who would rather have four beavers than 6 trees, which are not naturally occurring anyway, next to the bike path. Those trees were transplanted to this environment, not the beavers. And the shrines of windchimes, flags and plastic flowers, placed on or underneath those trees are unsightly and detract from the bike path. Thanks for your photos!


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