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Christmas Ornament or U.F.O.?

The Buffalo Courier

Saturday, December 25, 1909

Page 2, Column 4

Phantom Sky

Ship Seen Above

Boston Common


Then Steered Straight

course for Cambridge,

where it hovered

above the Harvard



Hiding Place of Craft

Possibly Discovered


Newspaper Man Believes He

Found It in Woods on

Estate Once Owned By

John B. Gough, Temper-

Ance Lecturer.


(By Special Wire to The Courier.)

Boston, Dec. 24. – The Phantom air-

ship, for which the entire state of

Massachusetts now watches every

night, paid a brief a visit to Harvard

University this evening.  At least

something carrying lights appeared

over Boston Common about 6:30 o’clock

and laid a straight course for Cam-

bridge, remaining over the stadium.

The lights flickered and seemed to

sway from side to side.  Some of the

thousands of watchers declared they

could make out the framework of an

airship.  James E. Martin of the

Harvard Aeronautical club and Harry

Evans, a former balloonist, were posi-

tive on this point. Prof. Pickering of

the Harvard Observatory refused to

commit himself.

Thousands Saw Lights.

At any rate thousands of Harvard

students and citizens of Cambridge

saw the lights and watched them un-

til about 8:30 o’clock.  They moved

southward, swaying slowly with the

motion that an airship would give

them.  In Boston before the phantom

started for Cambridge, the  thousands

of Christmas shoppers craned their

necks to watch and argued among

themselves as to the cause of the

lights.  The Common was crowded

and observers had station on the roofs

of buildings.

A newspaper man believes that he

has found the hiding place of the

Tillinghast  airship or aeroplane which

many believe is the phantom visitor.

He was not able to verify his belief

as he was arrested as a trespasser and

taken before a justice and fined.

John B. Gough’s Estate.

His discovery was made on the old

estate of John B. Gough, the noted

temperance lecturer, at west Boyls-

ton, six miles from Worcester, which

is Wallace Tillinghast’s home city.

Fourteen men in the employ of Paul

Morgan of the Morgan Construction

Company have been busy on the estate

for some time. Mr. Morgan is an in-

timate friend of Mr. Tillinghast and is

Interested in aerial navigation, having

spent $15,000 some years ago on a

swedish flyer which would not fly.  The

newspaper man discovered in dense

woods on the estate a shed about 100

feet long which he believes is the home

of the phantom.  Before he could get

near the shed, however, he was cap-

tured by two of the workmen.  Mr.

Morgan today denied that he knew

that any airship was concealed on the


“I don’t think it is there,” he said.

“I know Mr. Tillinghast.  He is con-

sidered very clever.  I have not seen

the aeroplane, but many persons are

convinced that they have.  That is all

I can say.”

Original story from microfilm records at,

Buffalo & Erie County Public Library

Central Library
1 Lafayette Square
  Buffalo, NY  14203 


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