Thursday, September 1, 2011

Attack of the Weasels!

The Dansville Express
Thursday, April 9, 1885
Page 2, Column 3

Attacked by Weasels.
Delos Lante, an Elk county farmer
has been annoyed greatly this winter by
weasels in his poultry yard and house,
the blood thirsty little animals having
killed his fowls by the score, and defiled
all efforts to trap them.  A few days ago
Mr. Lante was walking through a stony
field on his farm and he saw a weasel
run into a big heap of stone piled loosely
in the middle of the field. He had a
walking stick, and going to the stone
pile, began to throw down stones to get
 at the weasel or scare it out.  Presently
a weasel jumped out and he struck at it
with his cane.  It did not run away, but
sprang at Lante’s throat—the spot where
a weasel instinctively tries to seize.  The
farmer struck at it again and hit it, but
it returned gamely to the attack and
whether in answer to a signal or not the
farmer does not know, weasels began to
swarm out  of the stone pile on all sides,
and in a second were springing upon
Lante, climbing nimbly up his clothes,
trying to reach his face.  They bit him
with their sharp teeth, and finding that
he would be unable to keep the savage
little blood-suckers from fastening their
teeth in his neck without help, he shook
them off as best he could and started
 at the top of his speed for home.  The
weasels followed him until he scaled the
fence.  His hands were bleeding from a
dozen wounds, and if he had remained
to nog the weasels they would undoubt-
edly have overpowered and killed him.
In the afternoon Mr. Lante returned to
the stone pile with two men, two guns
and a dog.  They routed out the weasels
 and killed thirty – a colony which has
 been devastating the entire
neighborhood  for a year or more.
  --- Port Jervis Gazette.
-Original article from the microfilm records at,
Dansville Public Library
200 Main Street
Dansville, NY 14437

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