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Tesla ...Mad Scientist?

The Buffalo Courier

Thursday, October 27, 1898
Page 2, Column 3

Transmission of Power
Without Wires.


Claims He Can Transmit Million of
Volts of Electrical Energy All
Over the Earth.

New York, Oct. 26. – Nikola Tesla, the
electrician, describes in today’s issue of
The Electrical Review a possibility in
 electric power transmission.  His invention
for transmitting electricity at high
pressure over long distances have been
 successfully applied at many natural
sources of power.  Probably the most
important of these plants in the United
States is at Niagara Falls, costing over
 $6,000,000 to install which supplies electricity
to many large factories and supplies
electrical power for running the trolley
lines of the City of Buffalo, twenty –
six miles distant.  The announcement is
now made that by employing apparatus
which he had invented, capable of generating
electrical pressure vastly in excess
of any heretofore used, located at
natural sources of power, the current
can be conducted to a terminal maintained
at an elevation where the rarefied
atmosphere is capable of conducting
freely the particular current  produced ;
then, at a distant point where the energy
is to be used commercially, to maintain
a second terminal at about the same
elevation to attract and receive the current
and to convey it to earth through
special means for transforming and
utilizing it.
With the article an illustration is presented
showing streams of electricity issuing
from a single terminal, giving an
estimated electrical pressure of two and
a half million million volts.  The Electrical Review
comments on Mr. Tesla’s novel idea
as follows.
“Tesla now proposes to transmit with-
out use of wires – through the natural
media, the earth and the air – great
amounts of power to distances of thousands
of miles.  This will appear a
dream – a tale from The Arabian Nights.
But extraordinary discoveries Tesla
has made during a number of years of
incessant labor which are authoritatively
described in our present issue, make it
evident that his work in this field has
passed a stage of laboratory experiment,
and is ready for a practical test on an
industrial scale.  The success of his efforts
means that power from such
sources as Niagara will become available
in any part of the world regardless of

-Original article from the microfilm records at,
Buffalo & Erie County Public Library
Central Library
1 Lafayette Square
Buffalo, NY 14203

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