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Native Americans in Armor!


Buffalo Courier
Tuesday Morning, November 17, 1891
Page 1, Column 6


Alleged Discovery of Prehistoric

Remains near Chillicothe.

Chillicothe, O.; Nov. 16. – Warren K.

Morehead and Dr. Cresson, who have been

prosecuting excavations here for the past

three months in the interests of the World’s

Fair, have just made one of the richest finds

of the century in the way of prehistoric

remains.  These gentleman have confined their

excavations to the Hopewell farm, seven miles

from here, upon which are located some 20

Indian mounds.  On Saturday they were at

work on a mound 500 feet in length, 200 feet

wide, and 28 feet in height.  At the depth of

14 feet near the center of the mound they

exhumed the massive skeleton of an Indian

which was encased in copper armor.  The

head was covered by an oval-shaped copper

cap.  The jaws had copper moldings, and the

arms were dressed in copper.  Copper plates

covered the chest and stomach.  On each side

of the head protruded antlers tipped tipped with

copper.  Around the neck was a necklace of

bears’ teeth set with pearls.  At the side of

the male skeleton was also found a female

skeleton, the two being supposed to be man

and wife.  It is estimated that the bodies were

buried where they were fully 600 years

ago.  Messrs Morehead and Cresson consider

this find one of the most important that they

have yet made, and believe that they have at
Last found the King of the Mound Builders.

Original story from microfilm records at,
Buffalo & Erie County Public Library
Central Library
1 Lafayette Square
Buffalo, NY 14203

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