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St. Anns' Relic

The Buffalo Courier

Sunday, May 8, 1892

Page 12


Fragment of the Arm of St. Ann
Exposed to the View of Worshippers.

Mother of the Virgin Mary – It was Secured
Through the Pope for a Shrine on
The St. Lawrence – Miracles
Wrought by It.

New York Herald

With more than wonted reverence the feet
of the worshipers in the quaint little French
Church of St. Jean Baptiste, No. 159 East
Seventy – Sixth Street, tread the aisles this

In a gold lined casket on the altar has lain
each day since Monday from 6:30 until 10 A.M.
The most sacred relic to Catholic eyes of the
days when Christ walked the earth which
ever reached the Americas.

It is a fragment of the arm of St. Ann,
Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of
Jesus.  For many centuries it has been guarded
more jealously than were ever guarded royal
jewels or kingly crowns by the Benedictine
Monks of Rome in the great Basilica of St.
Paul’s outside the walls.  Now, by a special
request of his Holiness the Pope, a portion of
It is sent to increase the faith and devotion of
all members of the Church in the United
States and Canada.

This relic, which will be regarded by Catholics
everywhere with the deepest feelings of
piety and joy, is brought to America
through the efforts of the Cardinal – Archbishop
of Quebec and the Right Rev. Mgr. Marquis,
Prothonotary Apostolic, one of Quebec’s most
patriotic and distinguished prelates.  It is to
be kept at the Church of Ste. Anne de Beaupre,
on the St. Lawrence River.

Monsignor Marquis reached this city on Sunday
last bearing the relic.  For a short time
he proposed being the guest of the Rev. Father
Tetreau, pastor of the church of St. Jean
Baptiste, at the pastoral residence just around
the corner from the church, No. 1081 Lexington

Father Tetreau pleaded with Mgr. Marquis
To allow him to expose the sacred object
in his little church during certain hours of the
day as long as he remained here.  He consented,
with the permission of Mgr. Farjey, Vicar
General of the Diocese, and every morning at
6:30 o’ clock the extraordinary relic is exposed
to view and is on exhibition until 10 o’ clock.

It can be seen today, tomorrow, and Saturday
between those hours.  It can be seen and
touched by all the Catholics of this city who
desire an opportunity to gaze on what they
must all regard as being so very near the
person of the Incarnate God.  Also can it be
seen Monday night the distinguished divine and
his companions will resume their homeward
journey to place the fragment of the arm of
St. Ann in the beautiful church on the
St. Lawrence which bears her name and over
which she is believed to have exerted her
blessed influence in many remarkable ways.

The news that the relic was at the Church
of St. Jean Baptiste has spread all through
that portion of the city in which it is situated.
Thousands have already seen it, and as each
day passes the number who crowd the little
Church during the hours the doors are open
consistently increases. 

The body of St. Ann was taken from Jerusalem
to Constantinople in the year 710.  The
arm has been in Rome for many centuries.
The popes have for ages refused to have any
part of the member mutilated.  In the “Revelations”
Of the great St. Bridget, who died
in 1373, there is a striking passage connected
with the relic.  St. Bridget made a pilgrimage
to Rome and had the happiness of venerating
the arm of St. Ann.  That night St. Ann appeared
to her and assured her that the arm
was her own.

The body of the saint must have been carefully
embalmed, as was Jewish custom. 
The arm, though nearly 1,900 years, was in a
good state of preservation when Mgr.
Marquis beheld it. 

The prior of St. Paul’s accompanied the
Canadian divine to the spot where the relic is
kept.  In his attempt to saw off a piece of the
arm the saw was broken.  Mgr. Marquis had
a saw also, and he cut off as large a piece as he
In decency could.  It is one half of the wrist ,
and to it the flesh and skin still adhere.

The fragment is about three inches in
length.  Mgr.Marquis  had made for it a little
casket of bronze, lined with gold, around
which runs a band of satin, studded with silver
stars.  Around the relic is a piece of paper
with this lettering:  “Ex Brachio S. Anne,
M. B. M. V.” –“From the arm of St. Anne,
Mother of the Blessed Virgin.”

The casket has a glass top through which
the relic can be seen, and the seal of the
Abbott of St. Paul’s is still unbroken.

At night the relic is kept in Father Teteau’s

Mgr. Marquis, happy in the possession of
his treasure, beamed smilingly on Father
Tetreau as he talked to me last night.

“There, before you,”  he said, “lies the bone
of the forearm of her who clasped to her
maternal bosom the Virgin Mary.  Can we doubt
that that arm also held the infant Jesus?
I am proud to have such a relic to show to my
people.  And I am glad to know that now on
its way across the sea another fragment
of the arm of the blessed St. Ann, which Has
been given to our little church of St. Jean Baptiste.”

Original story from microfilm records at,Buffalo & Erie County Public Library
Central Library
1 Lafayette Square
Buffalo, NY 14203

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