Friday, March 1, 2013

The Ellicott Creek Serpent?

Once again I have an interesting picture of an unknown animal in  Ellicott Creek; which runs through Western New York, and on to the Niagara River.  It was taken merely by chance, I saw some waves and quickly took one photo of the waves.  At the time I didn't see anything in the waves, it occurred quite quickly.  The roll of film waited until recently when I finally developed it; the photo was taken some time in August 2012.  I was pleasantly surprised to find I have what appears to be a head poking out of the water!

The original untouched Photo.

 In the original photo you will see the mud flat on the left, the reflection of the opposite shore in the creek.  The waves in the center of the photo with the head just breaching the surface.  The creek in this section is  about two to three feet along the shores, with various depths that may be as deep as ten feet. 

Tweaked Photo

I tweaked and cropped the original to bring out the details of the head better.  The adjustments made are sharpness, vibrancy, contrast and brightness, and adjustment for barrel distortion.  The film is Kodak ISO 800, which helps in low light areas. The lens I used is a Canon 300mm telephoto, at it's maximum. (Don't get close to this fella!)

 Now the photo shows something breaching the surface, while moving along the creek to the right.  This is the top of the serpents head in my opinion.  Notice the first large wave just in front of the head.  There appears to be a bright spot in the wave that could be the tip of the jaw, which would be making the wave.  I can only guess at the size of the head in this photo; based on my previous encounters, at least a foot in length.  There appears to be two spots on either side of the front of the head, that I believe are the eyes just above the water line. This is an important point, this serpents eyes are very close together.  They also are facing mostly forward, so it would have binocular vision like us!  I hope for more photos on this mystery serpent in the spring and summer, when hibernation time is over!  Read my previous posts on this serpent:  The Ellicott Creek Serpent In "Google Earth!"  &  Beaver, Friends, ... and the Serpent!

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