Monday, July 1, 2013

Bessie in "Google Earth" ?

There is a small collection of articles about the Lake Erie Sea Serpent on this blog.  The monster is often called “Bessie” on other web sites, and in the media.  This is especially true along the Ohio coast where some modern sightings have occurred, including an alleged attack by the monster on a sailing boat.  Whether all these reports are of the same type of creature is unknown.  The stories collected on this blog are all early stories of a serpent like creature, also one with flippers.  Whether Bessie is one of these, or a different creature is something to leave open to debate.  So far this blog has presented “Google Earth” images of the Loch Ness Monster, Ogopogo, and the Lake Erie Sea Serpent; which is also called the Ellicott Creek Serpent on this blog.  Assuming of course that it is the same creature as the one in the lake reports, and the one observed by me in Ellicott Creek!  Now this blog presents a possible image for Bessie!

Bessie ?

Look over this image from the Black River that flows into Lake Erie, in Lorain City, Ohio.  It is along this coast line that modern reports of “Bessie” occur.  Lorain is around 20 miles away from South Side Bay, where the name “South Side Bessie” comes from.  After searching through the “Google Earth” imagery, an interesting anomaly can be seen in a section of this river, a few miles inland.  It looks like a large head with a distinct eye on one side, and another eye just visible on the other side.  Note that this doesn’t look anything like the creature in the Ellicott Creek imagery from “Google Earth.” If this is an image of “Bessie,” then there may be more than one type of unknown creature in Lake Erie and its waterways!  The dimensions of this possible head are impressive, 10 feet wide across the eyes, and 12 feet long from the tip of its nose, to the back of the visible head.  Unfortunately no body is visible, so its form remains a mystery.  Is this “Bessie” the Lake Erie Monster?  Download “Google Earth” for yourself and decide!

Bessie in the Black River?

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