Thursday, August 1, 2013

King Solomon's Mines?

Buffalo Courier
Monday Morning, Dec. 4, 1889
Page 1, Col. 2
London.  Dec. 8 – Dr. Carl Peters
claims that the result of his expedition in
the uninhabited region of East Africa,
near the mouth of the Zambesi, has been
 the discovery of the Ophir  gold mines
the richest gold deposits in the world,
from which it is said the Queen of Sheba
took the greater part of the gold
which she offered to the Temple of Solomon.
Dr. Peters states that no traveler had
visited this region within the last 200
He also claims to have rediscovered
ancient ruins of Semitic origin, including
fortifications, and what he regards as a
Temple or storehouse.  He frequently
found traces of ancient gold working in
the great mountain, Fura, which is very
Rich in gold and believed to be a corruption
of the word Ophir.  The Kaffirs call
it Mons Afur.
Dr. Peters is expected to arrive in London
in a fortnight, accompanied by Umtete,
the brother of the famous Chief
Macombe.  He will leave his staff of
engineers at the Inyanga station at Umtali
while he demonstrates the proof of his
discoveries in England.

Original story from microfilm records at,
 Buffalo Erie County Public LibraryCentral Library
1 Lafayette Square
Buffalo, NY 14203

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