Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Super Snake ! ?

Where the Cattaraugus Creek is crossed by a bridge on Main Road in Irving, N.Y.; an interesting object can be spotted in "Google Earth" imagery. It appears to be a long snake like object resting on the banks of the creek.  In fact, it might  be just that!  It looks like a long black snake, partially curving up to the edge of the creek.  Perhaps its head resting just above the water.  An interesting aspect of the image is there is a bulge just where the curve begins.  Perhaps it's resting after taking a large meal?  It would be over 50 feet in length! I occasionally check "Google Earth" for just such interesting anomalies.  Usually I have something posted of my own musings in the first month of the year.  There will be another post soon,.. hopefully! Enjoy speculating about these images from "Google Earth' till the regular post!

Note the bulge, near the center!

Super Snake?

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