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Loosing Sleep From A Ghost?

Buffalo Evening News

Thursday July 1, 1909
Page 6, Column 1




Run Shrieking to Neighboring

House and Soon Afterwards


Mount Morris, July 1 (Special) –
“Daddy Dale”, a farmer who
has been employed by Edward Swager
on his farm west of the village, had
the experience Monday night, as a
result of which he is in a bad nervous
state.  Dale, who has been employed
by Swager for some time, has been in
the habit of sleeping in an old house
some distance from Swager’s, and
Monday night , shortly after 11 o’clock
he was awakened by a noise and saw
what he supposed was a ghost in one
corner of the room.  He immediately
arose and without stopping to
completely dress, started for the  Swager
house, letting out yells that could be
heard for some distance. He succeeded
in awakening the Swager family
who, with several lanterns started for
this house to find the ghost.  The
house was searched from cellar to garage
but nothing was found which
would indicate that the place had
recently been visited by a spirit and
Dale was told that it was the moon
light shining through the window
onto a large piece of tin standing in
the room, but he  would not be

With much reluctance did Dale go in
bed again, and before he did so he
placed a rock next  the bed as aid
that there should be another visit of
the ghost  in the morning he came to
Swager and told him that he was going
to quit work, as one night such as
he spent Monday was enough for
him, and he wanted to get as far
away from the place as possible.  He
took his clothes and started out and
has not been heard from since.

(Italics my best guess for the correct words)

Original story from microfilm records at,
 Buffalo Erie County Public Library Central Library
1 Lafayette Square
Buffalo, NY 14203

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