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The Griffin in Indiana?

The Illustrated Buffalo Express

September 30, 1893

Page 13, Column 4

Horrible Monster  that Attacked
Two Women on a Lonely Road

In  Indiana.

Greensburg corr. Cincinnati Enquirer.

As Mrs. Casper Mann and Mrs. Joseph

Grasmilck, two well-known ladles of that section,

were returning home In a buggy about

sunset they heard an unnatural noise In

passing along the road south of the Magnus

quarry. The noise was a cross between

a bellow and a shriek and excited the curiosity

of the hearers, but as they could not

locate It out little attention was paid to It.

and they continued on their journey, in

approaching a lonely spot on the road where

large forest trees stand on either side

and the ground along is covered with underbrush

they heard the awful noise again.

This time it appeared to come from the

boughs of a large tree just ahead of them.

As they approached the tree there was a

commotion in the branches, and the lonely

and helpless women were horrified to see

a horrible-looking monster descending the

tree coon-fashion. Their horse seemed

paralyzed with fear, and for a moment refused

 to answer the frantic effort of the

driver to force him ahead.

As the animal reached the ground It gave

a terrific snort and roar and started for the

buggy. One of the occupants seized the

whip and prepared for the attack. Recovering

his power of locomotion the horse

started at a brisk gait down the road.

Then the race for life began. The strange

monster, although peculiarly constructed,

made excellent time, and in a few minutes

had overtaken the buggy and was making

frantic efforts to climb up on the box In the

rear. The lady with the whip laid on the

lash with all her might In the hope of

frightening the fearful-looking animal off,

but the stings of the whip only seemed to

Infuriate It and Increase Its determination

to devour everything in sight.

As the women were about to give up the

fight and surrender themselves to the rapacious

brute the joyful sound of the bark of a

friendly dog fell upon their ears, and they

realized they were nearing a farm-house. To

their gratification two men stepped out In

the road a short distance In front of them,

and it was but the work of a moment for

the women to notify them of their terrible

predicament. As the men and dogs approached,

the animal seemed to sniff danger,

and, with a roar that could be heard for a

quarter of a mile, whirled to one side and

ambled through the bushes. As It made Its

way through the brush Its course could be

plainly discerned by the waving branches.

The men, being unarmed, did not deem It

wise to follow the animal, and the dogs

showed no disposition to take up the chase.

More dead than alive, the women were assisted

Into the farm-house, where they were
given such stimulants as were at hand, and

when sufficiently recovered they related

their experience as given above.

The animal, they say, was about seven feet

long. Its head was long, and ended in a

beak like an eagle's; Its body was round,

like that of an alligator, covered with scales

and ornamented with a pair of wings, which

would probably measure six feet from tip to


It had four legs, and Its feet were cloven

and covered with a hoof. The smell of its

breath and body was terrible, and pervaded

the atmosphere for some time after it had

escaped to its retreat In the woods. In Its

effort to climb onto the buggy the animal

 left unmistakable proof of its hoofs on the

buggy-bed, there being deep cuts and

scratches all over the rear of the vehicle.

The spot where the animal made its appearance

and the country for miles around is

lonely and seldom frequented by farmers or

others, and is certainly just the place for a

wild animal of any kind to seek its lair.

Inquiry of scientists and naturalists fails

to throw any light on the existence anywhere

of such an animal as this, and it Is

probable a searching party will be organized

in the hope of capturing It. and thus adding

another curiosity to zoology.

Article used with the permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.        
   Buffalo,  NY 14222-1095

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