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Giant Otter!

Buffalo Courier Express

 Monday, February 14, 1938

 Page 2, Column 1

Mobile's Mystery Monster

Turns Out to Be Big Otter

Beast weighing 30 pounds, four feet long,

terrorized Negro section

Mobile, Ala.,  Feb. 13 (AP) –Mobile’s
mysterious "Monster of Fisher's Alley"
died today—the victim of shotgun
The beast was identified as an
otter of about 30 pounds, and about
four feet from head to tip of tail.
Thus ended the terror among
negroes since the "monster" stalked
from its habitat in a nearby swamp
and began a series of foraging expeditions
in the city several weeks

In the dark of early morning, the
otter slithered through the fence at
the home of Charles Ardoyno,  member
of the fire department, to be met
by the furious attack of Ardoyno’s
collie dog which was guarding some
pet rabbits

The noise of the battle awakened
Ardoyno, who ran out in time to see
the "monster" knock his collie "clear
across the back yard."

A neighbor shot the otter.

An hour after, the animal was
killed approximately 200 persons had
gathered. Later the Ardoynos were
charging ten- cents admission.

Several attacks by a mysterous
animal had been reported. One man
appeared at police headquarters and
displayed wounds about the arms
and face, which, he said, were inflicted
by an animal he could not

Armed Negroes patrolled the
northern section of the city for several
nights and days, in search for
the creature, but their vigil was
halted by a police order, prohibiting
carrying of weapons in the area.

Article used with the permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.        
   Buffalo,  NY 14222-1095

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