Monday, September 1, 2014

Creek Photo's

This post shows some of the birds and animals living in Ellicott Creek, and along the bike path which runs along side it.  Some interesting birds that I managed to photograph are the Bufflehead ducks and the Red Breasted Merganser.  Both are uncommon to Erie County, the Bufflehead may be in the area.  The Merganser isn't supposed to be in this area.  I spotted both during the spring, so they were passing through on the way north.  The Egret and Green Heron makes a summer stay at the creek, and will leave before fall.  The other birds are common and year round to the area.  Of course the beaver are still in the creek.  One lodge had to move do to construction along the creek, and have relocated to a unknown location.  Deer are always plentiful. 

Canada Geese


Wild Turkey


Green Heron



Red Breasted Merganser

Red Breasted Merganser




Nesting Goose

American Robin

White-tailed Deer

Beaver starting his spring.

American Beaver

American Beaver

Beaver passes his old lodge.


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