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Sea Serpent Gives Chase!




Page 1, Column 6


The “Sea Serpent” Seen Again Near Kingston

Point – Two Young Men Chased.

Hondout, N.Y., Sept.2 – The sea serpent

which was witnessed disporting itself in the

Hudson river near Kingston Point Sunday

by a number of people, has again been seen.

Carl Fisher of Rondout went to Kingston

Point yesterday.  The man in charge of the

wreck of the steamboat Daniel Drew told

him that he saw the serpent the night previous.

It was making its way north with

its head extended about five feet out of 

water.  It stood from its course long enough

to give chase to two young men who were 

rowing in a small boat.  They reached the 

Dutchess county shore in safety, but were

terribly frightened.  The serpentine monster,

as the watchman described it,

grew furious when it saw the young

men had escaped.  It lashed the water

into a foam with its tail, which seemed about 

75 feet distant from its head.  Its head was as

large around as a flour barrel, and its eyes,

of greenish hue, looked “devilish.”  Before 

starting up the Hudson river again it

squirted from its mouth a stream of foaming

stuff resembling a long shaving from a

pine blank.  Captain Conkling of the propeller 

John H. Cordets also saw the serpent.  

He gave it “right of way” in the channel.  

It was seen this morning abreast 

of the Flatbush ice houses.  A man named 

Jonah, who brings ice to Rondout from

Esopus, also saw the monster.  When he

first beheld it he took it to be an immense

tree floating leisurely along with the tide.

This notion was dispelled when he saw the 

“tree’ leap about twenty feet of its length

out of the water.  William Stephens, son

of Mayor Stephens of this city, has talked

with persons who saw the serpent.  Their

descriptions of this monster does not vary in

the least.  A number of Kingston City

people visited Kingston Point today in

hope they would get a glimpse of the 


Article used with the permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.        
   Buffalo,  NY 14222-1095

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