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Christmas Legends

Buffalo Courier – Express

Monday, Dec. 23, 1968

Page 21

Symbols Adopted By Christians

Yule Greens Paean Rooted


MOST LEGENDS about the
greens and plants which we
commemorate the birth of
Christ had their roots in pagan
belief because as pagans became
Christians they carried
their symbols into their new
found religious observances.

Many charming legends sur-
 round the Christmas tree, oldest
and most celebrated symbol of
Christmas. One story says that
Pastor Martin Luther wandered
through the woods on a starry
Christmas Eve, cut a small
snow-laden fir tree and took it
home to his children. He decorated
it with candles to represent
the stars in the sky that
Holy evening.

tells that St. Boniface in the
13th century persuaded the Teutons
to give up the cruel custom
of sacrificing a child before a
giant oak tree each year during
their mid-winter festival, and
advised them to cut a fir tree,
take it home and celebrate with
their children. He also said that
the fir tree was a symbol of
peace because their homes were
built of it and it symbolized
immortality with its evergreen
leaves and its top branches
pointing heavenward.

Many legends have been
passed from generation to generation
about holly, of the glossy
green leaves and red berries,
which we use extensively in
table decorations and wreaths
at Christmastide. It was venerated
by the Druids. Greeks and
Romans are a symbol of goodwill.

holly was that when brought
into the house it gave shelter to
friendly fairy-folk of the woodlands
and warded off evil spirits.

It was worshipped before the
birth of Christ because its green
color in the middle of winter
was thought to give promise of
the sun's return for another

Many believed, as early as
the first century, that planting
holly around a home kept the
house from being struck by
lighting. Early French and English
people hung sprigs of holly
on their doors to show that they
were Christians.

crown o! thorns forced upon
Jesus' head at the crucifixion
was fashioned of holly leaves:
at first, its berries were white
blood from Christ's brow turned
them red. A legend from Brittany
says that a small bird
tried to help Christ when he
was carrying the cross by
plucking thorns from his brow.

The bird's breast became
stained with blood and the bird
was forever after called Robin
Redbreast. Even in present-day
Germany and England it is regarded
as unlucky to step on a
holly berry, which is a favorite
food of the robin.

Mistletoe, a parasitic plant,
was a sacred plant to the
Druids, whose priests used to
cut. with a golden sickle, an oak
branch on which mistletoe was
growing and give a twig to each
of their followers. They prayed
that each who received a
branch, should find divine favor
and a blessing from nature.

beneath the mistletoe comes
from a Scandanavian myth. It
was the Goddess Frigga who
hung mistletoe high and was the
first to stand under the glistening
white berries offering

The poinsettia, traditional
flower of Christmas, was
introduced to this country by Dr.
Joel Poinsett and is still called
by many "Flor de N o c h Buena,
" the flower of the Holy Night.

Of the many legends about
this flower, one of the most
enchanting is about a small
Mexican girl who wept on
Christmas Eve because she had
nothing of beauty to offer at the
shrine of the Christ Child. Her
tears fell upon some wayside
weeds and they became
transformed into the scarlet
bracts of the poinsettia.

Article used with the permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.     
   Buffalo,  NY 14222-1095

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Mystery on St. Helena Island

Everyone knows of the amazing Moai statues on Easter Island in the Pacific ocean.  The ancestors of  native peoples built these amazing giant heads.  Is it possible that these ancient people traveled beyond their island to the Atlantic?  Maybe, even had contact with peoples and cultures around the Atlantic ocean.  Perhaps even .. Atlantis?  

  St. Helena Island  in the Atlantic Ocean was uninhabited till the  Portuguese  settled there. There upon the mountains; an amazing monolith strikingly similar to the Moai can be found on St. Helena Island.


Easter Island Monolith,.. On St. Helena Island.

Note the amazing resemblance to the Easter Island Moai.  It would have taken a great deal of effort to cut this image into the rock of St. Helena. It would suggest a people and culture were there in the past.  Perhaps there is a link between the Easter Island Moai and Atlantis!  They may have engaged in trade, or shared culture.  Maybe the sudden cessation of making Moai on Easter Island was connected to the disaster of Atlantis sinking! The monolith awaits research, and may reveal hidden history!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Out of the Darkness, ... the Serpent!

Photo taken after sunset on Thursday, 09/17/2015.

Out of the darkness of the evening, a photograph that reveals the Sea Serpent in Ellicott Creek.  The original image shows the creek after sunset, with just a reflection of grey light from the sky.  But, on the right hand side there are a few waves in the dark cast by the trees.  There, after zooming in a faint shape appears.  

On the right side of the creek, the Serpent!

This next image is zoomed in on the right  side of the creek, where the waves are coming from, and cropped from the original photo.  See the shape of a serpent head in the darkness, and a large pair of eyes.  It's holding in the front of its snout, what appears to be a beaver or muskrat.  There were many beavers out this evening in the creek.    

Outlines of the Serpent and Beaver.

This image is the same, but with some outlines to illustrate the serpent, beaver, and wake coming off the beavers tail.

Enhanced image.

This last image is the same area, but enhanced to bring out more details.  The colors appear better this way, note the brownish beaver, and greenish serpent.  The yellowish eyes of the serpent stand out better in the enhanced image. This is important and revealing.  During previous sightings of this serpent by me in day time, the eyes were all black!  Thus, giving it a very sinister looking appearance.  How to explain this discrepancy? I speculate this serpent has a third eyelid (inner eyelid).  During the day the third eyelid  would close, protecting their light sensitive eyes.  It may also provide protection when hunting as well.  After sunset they open the second eyelid, allowing them excellent nocturnal vision.  Note also the large size of the eyes.  The end of summer means the serpent will be preparing for the fall hibernation.  But, now we know the Sea Serpent sports a pair of shades in the summer sun!

The Sea Serpents eyes (bottom left of center) reflecting the moon light?
(Monday Evening 09/21/2015)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bigfoot Pilots A UFO?

Buffalo Courier Express

Thursday August 4, 1966

Page 2, Column 2

Over Lake Erie

Intensive AF Probe
Of UFO’s Under Way

Special to The Courier Express

Erie, Pa. – Air Force and private
investigators have undertaken
an intensive enquiry into
unidentified flying objects (UFOs)
reported over Lake Erie here on
the last three nights.

Maj. William S. Hall came
here from the air Force base
at Youngstown, Ohio, to take plaster
casts of tracks found in the
sand in Presque Isle State Park
near where two people from
Jamestown, N.Y., reported a
UFO had landed.

The Air Force said it also had
sent an investigator here from its
Air base at Niagara Falls.  Air
Force personnel said only the
Secretary of Air Force in
Washington can release information on
their findings.

James F. Sipprell of Kenmore,
N.Y., Western New York chairman
for the National Investigation
Committee on Aerial Phenomenon (NICAP),
said his organization had ‘crews in the area
taking eye witness reports and
gathering firsthand information.”

Taking Statements
“These statements are being
taken down on our official forms,”
Sipprell said.

Betty Jean Klem, 16, of Jamestown
and Douglas Tibbetts, 18, of
Greenhurst, N.Y., touched off the
new wave of UFO reports Saturday.
Their car bogged down in
sand on the Presque Isle Park
peninsula and they claimed to
 have seen a strange object come
in out of the night sky and land
in brush near the beach.

Miss Klem called it “metallic,
sort of silvery’ and said it “landed
between two trees.”  Not only
did she see a UFO, she also told
police a “hairy, gorilla-like” creature,
about six feet tall, came up
behind the car while she was
sitting there alone.

Erie city police said the girl
was so hysterical she couldn’t
talk coherently for an hour.
When she regained her
composure, she insisted the UFO
had landed within 300 yards of
her, so close “the car vibrated.”

Tibbetts, at the time she saw
the “monster,” was trying to
show police where the UFO had
landed.  He described the flying
object as cube-shaped, whitish or
metallic in color..”

Maj. Hall took plaster impressions
of marks in the Presque
Isle beach sand.  These included
“perfect triangle” gouges in the
sand about two feet across and
nine inches deep, as well as what
appeared to be huge animal
tracks-clams and a pad imprint
about 9 inches in diameter, each
track 5 or 6 feet apart.

Radio News Reporters
Two Erie radio news reporters,
Dennis Buckel and Jerry Trembley
of station WJET, reported seeing
bright, flying objects over
Lake Erie off the state park at
different times early Wednesday

Buckel said he took pictures of
the flying phenomenon, which he
said looked like a fast-moving
star.  Trembley described what he
saw as a strange cluster of
flashing lights. 

Article used with the permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.     

   Buffalo,  NY 14222-1095

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Searching for the Ellicott Creek Sea Serpent in "Google Earth."

The search for the "Ellicott Creek Serpent" continues!  

I have not given up on obtaining more and better evidence for the Ellicott Creek Sea Serpent.  Continuing construction along the Creek has I fear reduced the occasions for sighting them.  I used to have a few sightings every spring/summer. Either when bicycling on the path, or when actively searching for this animal.  Unfortunately not anymore!  But, there is still evidence for it's presence in the creek.  

The above  2014 "Google Earth" satellite image provides more evidence for this creature.  Note the ellipse shape moving to the left side of the creek, and making a wake in its path. The dimensions of this are approximately 9' long and 5' wide.  Compare this to the image from my older 2012 satellite  image post, and you will see the similarities.  Now some may say this is merely debris in the water.  What kind of debris swims upstream ...  over a mile?  Yes, this object is in a different location in the creek.  The serpent still swims among us!

See 2012 Post Here:


Ellicott Creek Animals

Here are some photo's from this Spring and Summer along Ellicott Creek and the Bike path which parallels the creek.  The Egrets are up to about four birds spending their summer here.  There are also some Common Terns doing the same.  The Beavers are still doing well, with new pups each spring.  A new summer resident is a lone Swedish Blue duck, living with the mallards.  It is possibly an escapee from a farm? These are the animals and birds that were willing to pose this summer!

American Beaver!

Eastern Cottontail


Robin watching the sunset

Female Mallard

Great Blue Heron

Curious Deer

Sunning Chipmunk

Wood Duck and Ducklings


Young Ruby - Throated Humming Bird

Swedish Blue Duck

Common Tern

Green Heron

Red Winged Black Bird

Carp, lazy in the shade.

Pair of Muskrat

Bathing Canada Goose

Egret hunting fish


Canada Geese with goslings

Gold Finch



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Swooping Mystery Lights

Courier Express

Wednesday Morning, February 29, 1956

Page 1, Column 5

Mysterious Lights
Seen Over Lake

Binocular-toting Town of

Hamburg residents reported

mysterious neon-like lights

hovering and swooping over

Lake Erie off Pinehurst shortly

after 8 last night.

"The Municpal Airport tower

reported no aircraft in that

vicinity at that time which

might answer such a description.

William Peters of Rogers

Rd. and Southwestern Blvd.

and Raymond Goulet of the

Eaton Trailer Park in Southwestern

said they watched the

lights for at least 10 minutes.

Goulet said he watched the

mystery lights move swiftly

northeast and drop down to

about 12,000, ft., then hover

again. Finally they disappeared.

Article used with the permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.     
   Buffalo,  NY 14222-1095

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Serpent in Lake Erie?

Buffalo Courier


Page 9, Column 5


Is there a serpent in Lake Erie ? That is

the question which a number of residents of

the lake shore between Van Buren Point and

Moorehead's have been asking each other during

the last fortnight It is no silly question,

either. The men and women who ask it wear

long faces, and refuse to go out on the lake in

small boats, and won't be hired to go in bathing.

A farmer named Jarvis, who lives just this

side of Northeast, is one of those who saw

the creature, but he has kept close mouthed

about it He seemed rather impatient when

asked about it.

" I don't believe 'twas no serpent 'tall,"

said he, " If I sh'd say 'twas, everybody'd be

twittin me.   But I saw something an

I've lived here "40 years “n” I’ve never

seen nothin' like it. What's more I don't

want to, neither. I don't b'lieve it's a serpent,

but I don't know what it is, an'" you won't

ketch me on that lake agin till it's froze over.

I ain't the only one that seen it You can

go down to Small's place. His gal Sarah seen

it, she an' a Miss Church that's stayin' there a

spell. They was campin' down ou ths p'int

below their farm, an seen it webbs 10 minutes

or a quarter of an hour before I did, an

whatever t'was t'was swimmin' this way.

You go ask them about it They'll tell ye all

ye want to know."

The first the COURIER reporter ever heard

about a serpent in Lake Erie was a month

and, when some very respectable and trustworthy

residents of Fredonia declared that

they had seen the monster one summer two or

three years since, while camping at Van

Buren Point Moreover, at that same time it

was seen by a small party of Dunkirk people

from the promontory just above that city.

The same indefiniteness marked the tales of

these witnesses that characterizes all sea

serpent stories. They were afraid, perhaps,

that if they told the whole truth they would

not be believed. But they said that the serpent

was too far away to permit a clear view

of him. They saw his coils, and they saw him

lift his bead out of the water exactly like the

ordinary water snakes that we find in our

creeks and rivers They saw him just after

sundown, while it was still very light, and

there was no mistaking him. So far as they

knew, the serpent had never been seen before,

nor since.

That was the first story heard by the COURIER

reporter. A fortnight ago on the Lake

Shore morning accommodation train—the train

with the famous trainman  who intones when

he calls off the names of the stations like a

clerk reading the service from the prayer

book—on that train, behind the COURIER reporter,

Bat two men whose conversation soon

aroused his attention.

" I heard it from the station master," said

the man at the window. "He says his wife

saw it plain as could be. She was down on

the beach just before sunset, and all

of a sudden something big and black

rose out of the water, oh, maybe

500 yards away. It was all dripping

and glistening in the sunlight She thought

first off it was a sturgeon, hut it didn't go

down again. It first waved this way and that,

and then she saw it was the head of something

like an immense snake. He says she didn't

wait to see any more but just hollered and ran

for home, without once looking back. He was

just going over to the station when she

came flying in white as a sheet. For a minute

he thought one of the children must be

drowned, but she shook her head no, and as

soon as she could get breath she told him what

she’d seen. He ran down to the beach but

couldn’t see a thing.”

" Well, sir, that's mighty strange. Wednesday

night, you say it was ?"

" Y e s "

" Well, it was Wednesday night my hired

man says he saw it I thought he'd been

drinking and paid no attention to it, but now

they tell me old man Jarvis saw it, and Captain

Small's girl, too. These must be something

in it, sure."

The reporter got into conversation with these

gentlemen, and found them to hi intelligent,

and evidently not given to believing

everything they heard.

" Of course, I don't want to say there is or

there isn't a serpent," said the man near the

window. Only I say here are half a dozen

people living along the shore there for a

stretch of 10 miles, and don't know each other

except to say ' Howd'y  on the road, and all

of 'em tell this story about seeing a sea serpent

in the lake last Wednesday night, that's all.

You'd better see the people yourself and get

the story at first hand. Sea serpent stories,

you know, are like this 'Three Black Crows '—

the farther they go the bigger and more incredible

they get"

So, last week, the COURIER reporter visited

that part of the lake shore to corroborate the

the stories he had heard. Now, there is no good

reason for doubting the existence of a

serpent in Lake Erie.  Naturalists are inclined

to believe that there actually are sea

serpents, and the rarity of their supposed

appearance is no proof of non-existence.  There

are certain species of whales of which but two

or three individuals have be on caught in as

many centuries It is worthy of remark that

the serpents of the sea as well as the one recently

seen in Lake Erie appear either early

in the morning or towards evening. The conclusion

seems to be that the serpent avoids

showing itself by day and disports itself on

the surface of the water by night. This is a

good reason why we so seldom see the serpent.

It was by mare chance that the wife of

the station agent at Northeast and other people

along the shore saw the reptile a week

ago last Wednesday evening. They may

never see it again, but they will tell their

children of it

Full of belief in the serpent of Lake Erie,

the COURIER reporter visited Mr. Jarvis, who,

as narrated above, was reticent The reporter

went on to the Smalls, who, Mr. Jarvis said,

had seen more of the serpent than anyone else.

The Smalls live on a pretty farm near Freeport

Miss Small was found at home, and she

and a cousin, Miss Church, told the reporter

enough to fill three columns.

 " We've been camping for a week down on

the point," said Miss Small. "There was my

cousin here, Miss Church, and two young men

from Erie, and Mrs Parmenter of Syracuse

and her husband, We used to watch the sunset

almost every evening from the bluff. We

were sitting there last Wednesday evening.

Mr. Jordan and Mr. Clark, the young gentlemen

from Erie, had gone up to the house for

something and the rest of us were watching

the sun. Suddenly Mrs. Parmenter pointed

out on the water and said , Why, isn't that

odd! Is it a fish, or what is it ?'

," We all looked, and Nellie—that's Miss

Church, you know—said, that in fun, laughing

! _ • Why, I do believe it's the sea serpent'

And Mr. Parmenter, he said, ' By jove, I

believe you're right '"

Well, what was it you saw?" asked this


"Why, I didn't see it at first but when I

looked, there was a great big head sticking

out of the water. It was as big as a horse's

head, and thin, set on a slender neck. I

couldn't see distinctly whether it had eyes or

mot Down the back of its neck a little way was

what looked like a mane, but it may have been

 sort of fin like the back bone fin of a bass,

you know. It was swimming straight ahead,

d very fast, for the water piled up in front

where it breasted the lake and almost broke

into foam. Its body was submerged for

quite a distance back of its head, and

then you could see the coils just rising out of

the water. I should say it must have been 60

or 70 feet long, but it is bard to tell the

measurement of anything out in the water that

way. It may have been longer or shorter. Its

head was all shining wet, and smooth, and

glistened red in the sunlight It left a wake

behind it an it swam out into the lake, and in

less than five minutes it was out of sight."

Miss Church had seen the same thing, and so

had Mr. and Mrs Parmenter. Mr. and Mrs.

Parmenter had gone home. Miss Small

teaches in the Presbyterian Sunday-school in

Northeast and both the girls look incapable of

imposing what you might call a cock and bull

sea serpent story on the public. Indeed, they

have told no one but their immediate relatives

and friends what they saw, fearing lest they

should be laughed at.

But if these people at Freeport, the wife of

the station master at Northess , Mr. Jarvis

the farmer, and the servant of the gentleman

in the railway car did not see a serpent what

did they see ? Indeed, the credibility of their

story is greater than that of any person who

says he has seen the sea serpent. It is well

known that a string of porpoises leaping

through the sea bears no small likeness to a

serpent if they be seen at early dawn or dusk,

and a mistake might easily be made. But

here in Lake Erie we have no porpoises, nor

any other fish which, like them and the dolphin

and grampus, leap or roll like great

wheels through the waves. The evidence,

therefore, is greatly in favor of the presumption

that there is a serpent in Lake Erie. It

would be well for the summer campers along

the lake shore to watch out for this ophidian,

for if he could be captured he would be treasure

trove There is no price that would not

be given for him by the richest museums of

natural history in the world, and, besides, the

proprietors of summer resorts along the shore

would no doubt give handsome rewards to

anybody that would remove this peril to

bathers W.E.K.

Article used with the permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.     
   Buffalo,  NY 14222-1095

Finding Noah's Ark!

The Buffalo Express Monday Morning, July 11, 1892 page 3 HE SAW NOAH'S ARK. ______ A Greek Priest Says it is S...