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Caribbean Sea Serpent!

Courier Express


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Sea Serpent 65 Feet Long
Sighted from Mauretania

Monster seen by two of ship’s officers off
Island of St. Eustatius in Caribbean

Special to Courier – Express

New York, Feb. 10 -  It became

known today that the Cunarder

Mauritania had passed a sea monster

65 feet long, two feet across the

head and six feet broad amidships,

at 1:20 p.m. on January 30th, when

the ship was steaming at 24 knots

off the island of St. Eustatius in

the Caribbean sea.

The entry in the logbook, made by

 S. W. Moughlin, senior first officer, read:

“Sighted sea monster head S. W.

1:20 p.m.”

Mr. Moughlin drew a sketch of the monster

at the side of the chart.  The sea serpent

was seen also by J. W. Caunce,

senior third officer.

Mr. Moughlin said he had not 

mentioned it before because of the

ridicule cast upon the story by his fellow officers.

“It was a fine, clear, afternoon,”

he continued, “and the ship was

about a mile off the island of 

St. Eustatius when I sighted this

strange monster on the starboard

bow coming from the direction of

the Saba Bank, which is composed

of white sand and coral.

“At first I thought it might be a

whale or a whistling grampus

thrusting its head into the sir to

catch flying fish on the wing, but

soon saw the head was too large.

The head of the monster was about

six feet out of the water and was

fully two feet across had a six foot beam,

could be seen in curves on

the surface of the sea, and judging

by the commotion caused by the

tail moving to and fro, there was

another 25 feet below.  Its color was

a shiny jet black.

“I could not distinguish the eyes,

as the monster kept its head on a

slant from the Mauretania as if it

were braced sharply against the

breeze. Before I could get Caunce,

who was on the middle watch with

me, out of the chart room, the head

and shoulders, so to speak, had disappeared,

but he saw quite 30 feet of the monster.

 I have no doubt that this was a

sea serpent of the type that has been

written about for hundreds of years.

“It may have been an offspring

of the one sighted off Queenstown

by Sir Arthur Rostron on June 11, 1907,

when he was chief officer of

the Campania.  He said it had a

neck twelve feet long with huge

undulating body like a tree trunk and

very small ears.’  Capt. Reginald V. Peel,

 commodore of the Royal Naval Reserve,

master of the Mauretania, said there

was no doubt that a sea serpent had

been sighted in the Caribbean by

the two officers on the bridge, and

that another monster had been seen at

La Guira.

Article used with the permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.     
   Buffalo,  NY 14222-1095

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