Saturday, August 1, 2015

Searching for the Ellicott Creek Sea Serpent in "Google Earth."

The search for the "Ellicott Creek Serpent" continues!  

I have not given up on obtaining more and better evidence for the Ellicott Creek Sea Serpent.  Continuing construction along the Creek has I fear reduced the occasions for sighting them.  I used to have a few sightings every spring/summer. Either when bicycling on the path, or when actively searching for this animal.  Unfortunately not anymore!  But, there is still evidence for it's presence in the creek.  

The above  2014 "Google Earth" satellite image provides more evidence for this creature.  Note the ellipse shape moving to the left side of the creek, and making a wake in its path. The dimensions of this are approximately 9' long and 5' wide.  Compare this to the image from my older 2012 satellite  image post, and you will see the similarities.  Now some may say this is merely debris in the water.  What kind of debris swims upstream ...  over a mile?  Yes, this object is in a different location in the creek.  The serpent still swims among us!

See 2012 Post Here:


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