Thursday, October 1, 2015

Out of the Darkness, ... the Serpent!

Photo taken after sunset on Thursday, 09/17/2015.

Out of the darkness of the evening, a photograph that reveals the Sea Serpent in Ellicott Creek.  The original image shows the creek after sunset, with just a reflection of grey light from the sky.  But, on the right hand side there are a few waves in the dark cast by the trees.  There, after zooming in a faint shape appears.  

On the right side of the creek, the Serpent!

This next image is zoomed in on the right  side of the creek, where the waves are coming from, and cropped from the original photo.  See the shape of a serpent head in the darkness, and a large pair of eyes.  It's holding in the front of its snout, what appears to be a beaver or muskrat.  There were many beavers out this evening in the creek.    

Outlines of the Serpent and Beaver.

This image is the same, but with some outlines to illustrate the serpent, beaver, and wake coming off the beavers tail.

Enhanced image.

This last image is the same area, but enhanced to bring out more details.  The colors appear better this way, note the brownish beaver, and greenish serpent.  The yellowish eyes of the serpent stand out better in the enhanced image. This is important and revealing.  During previous sightings of this serpent by me in day time, the eyes were all black!  Thus, giving it a very sinister looking appearance.  How to explain this discrepancy? I speculate this serpent has a third eyelid (inner eyelid).  During the day the third eyelid  would close, protecting their light sensitive eyes.  It may also provide protection when hunting as well.  After sunset they open the second eyelid, allowing them excellent nocturnal vision.  Note also the large size of the eyes.  The end of summer means the serpent will be preparing for the fall hibernation.  But, now we know the Sea Serpent sports a pair of shades in the summer sun!

The Sea Serpents eyes (bottom left of center) reflecting the moon light?
(Monday Evening 09/21/2015)

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