Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mystery on St. Helena Island

Everyone knows of the amazing Moai statues on Easter Island in the Pacific ocean.  The ancestors of  native peoples built these amazing giant heads.  Is it possible that these ancient people traveled beyond their island to the Atlantic?  Maybe, even had contact with peoples and cultures around the Atlantic ocean.  Perhaps even .. Atlantis?  

  St. Helena Island  in the Atlantic Ocean was uninhabited till the  Portuguese  settled there. There upon the mountains; an amazing monolith strikingly similar to the Moai can be found on St. Helena Island.


Easter Island Monolith,.. On St. Helena Island.

Note the amazing resemblance to the Easter Island Moai.  It would have taken a great deal of effort to cut this image into the rock of St. Helena. It would suggest a people and culture were there in the past.  Perhaps there is a link between the Easter Island Moai and Atlantis!  They may have engaged in trade, or shared culture.  Maybe the sudden cessation of making Moai on Easter Island was connected to the disaster of Atlantis sinking! The monolith awaits research, and may reveal hidden history!

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