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Star of Bethlehem?


Thursday, Dec. 24, 1970

Page 3

3 Planets to Converge

The Washington Post

W A S H I N G T O N - Three

planets will appear to come

closer together in the skies on

Christmas morning to produce

an event similar to the one that

brought the wise men to Bethlehem

more than 1,970 years ago.

The planets are Jupiter,

Venus and Mars, which will rise

in the east about four hours before

sunrise Dec. 25 and wander

westward with Venus in

the middle and no more than

15 degrees separating Jupiter

and Mars.

"It's not a remarkable grouping."

an astronomer said

Wednesday, "but lt is what I'd

call an interestingly close


A remarkable grouping did

take place In 7 B. C, which Is

within a year of the time the

Christ child is believed to have

been born.

For a period of 15 months.

Jupiter and Saturn came within

a few degrees of each other

three times and the two giant

planets appeared to join together

with Mars on a fourth

occasion in 6 B, C.

T h e s e planetary groupings

were treated with utmost seriousness

by scholars. Partly because

Saturn was said to govern

the destiny of the Jews and

partly because Jupiter was said

to rule the destinies of kings.

The coming together of Jupiter

and Saturn three times in

one year is an event that happens

once every 125 years. The

conjunction of the two planets

with Mars occurs with even less

frequency, once every 805 years.

This year's grouping of Jupiter,

Mars and Venus takes place

about once every 15 years. The

odd thing shout it this year Is

that It is happening right at


The suggestion that three

massed planets might have been 

tho Star of Bethlehem goes back

to the early 17th Century, when

it was proposed by German astronomer

Johannes Kepler.

Article used with the permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
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Ghosts of Westminster Abbey

Buffalo Courier Express

Wednesday, Feb 1, 1967

Page 16

In Hall of Kings

Abbey's Ghosts haunt
TV Producer and Crew

By Jack Gaver

ghosts of London's Westminster
Abbey have made a believer
out of television producer Harry

"1 have become rather fond of
my ghosts," Rasky said. "They
are playful and harmless. They
merely want you to know they
are around. They are distinguished
and art lovers, creative
and appreciative, but are annoyed
at being disturbed. These
ghosts are my friends—I hope."
Rasky met the ghosts while
filming at Westminster Abbey
for "Hall of Kings," a one-hour
ABC-TV documentary - drama
which will be colorcast from 10
to 11 p.m. Feb. 14.

"Until I went to work on 'Hall
of Kings,' I was, like you, skeptical,"
the producer said. "But
six weeks of constant night filming
inside the Abbey changed my
attitude completely. The ghosts
of Westminster called several
times, left their shadowed markings
on my film, and generally
stimulated our night vigils."
Rasky recalled the first time
he and his 20-man crew encountered
the Abbey ghosts.

"James Mason, the star and
host of the special, was standing
at the foot of Robert Browning's
grave in the famous poets' corner."
Rasky related.

"He had conjured up the spirit
of Elizabeth Barrett Browning,
acted by Ireland's superb
Siobhan McKenna, and they were
facing each other at opposite
ends of the tomb. Siobhan was
delivering her deeply felt lines,
How do I love thee.' The crew
was intense and involved. Tears
were in her eyes.

"Suddenly, there was a creaking
sound. Soundman Adrian
Klein looked pained and puzzled.
I shouted for silence, but none
of us had moved.

"Then we noticed the giant
oak door behind us, weighing
about half a ton and leading to
the ancient St. Faith's Chapel.
It had opened wide. We had not
touched it. There was no draft.
The door takes the strength of
a young man to open.

"On two other occasions, at
about 3 a.m., our ghosts' visiting
hour, the door opened mysteriously
again. One of our
group once saw a flash of brilliant
light in the room that was
in total darkness. You explain
it; I cannot."

Attempts to film a magnificent
marble figure of death in the Abbey 
also provided an experience.
"Each time we would pan on
it," Rasky said, "the film fogged.
One Abbey official later
told me: 'Oh, we've been trying
to photograph it for years. The
film always ghosts or fog's. No
technician has yet been able to
explain this.

"And each time Jim Godfrey,
our cameraman, panned past
another marble figure, a green
mist fogged the frame on film.
It never happened on any other
figure, only on this one of Lady
Elizabeth Nightingale. Apparent-
ly, she did not care to pose.

"I know I can never walk In
Westminster Abbey again after
dark among the graves of the
great and feel alone.

Article used with the permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
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Out of Africa ... A Dinosaur?

Buffalo Sunday Courier Magazine

April 9, 1922

Page 6

Strange New African Monster

F C. CORNELL, fellow of the Royal 

Geographical Society, who recently returned

to England after spending twenty

years in practically unknown parts of South

Africa, is author of a story about an unknown

monster that had been seen near the

great falls of the Orange river.

It has a huge head and a neck ten feet

long like a bending tree. It seizes the 

native cattle and drags them under water. The

natives call it "Kyman," or the Great Thing.

Last May Mr. Cornell, accompanied by two

white companions, W. H. Brown and N. B.

Way, of Cape Town, and three Hottentots,

went to the junction of the Oub and Orange

rivers to sea the monster if possible.

He writes! "At the cries of the natives

I saw something black, huge, and sinuous

swimming rapidly against the current in the

swirling rapids. The monster kept its

enormous body under water, but the neck

was plainly visible. The monster may have

been a very gigantic python,  but if It was

it was of an incredible size. This reptile

may have lived for hundreds of years.

Pythons approaching it in size have been

said to have lived that long."

Article used with the permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
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"Jersey Devil" of Canada?

The Illustrated Buffalo Express

Buffalo, N.Y., Sunday, October 16, 1892

Page 2

Half Bird, Half Beast.

An Amazing Creature shot and
 Killed by a Veracious Canadian Farmer.


Montreal corr. New York Press
A most extraordinary story comes from

joliette today, which, if true, leaves forever

buried in the shadowy shade of oblivion

the most fantastic sea-serpent that

ever plowed the briny. It is an account

of the killing at the little village of Ste.

Emelie de l'Energie of a monster half bird,

half beast, whose classification will puzzle

the most deeply learned naturalist. While

I have not seen the monster in question

the "Enquirer" correspondent has the

story from the mouth of Mr. Medard Lassalle,

a wealthy and reputable farmer of

Ste. Emelie de l'Energie, whose son, 

Joseph Lassalle, captured and killed it,

and also from three well-known residents

of Joliette, where the monster now is being

prepared for exhibition to the scientists

 of McGill University of Montreal.

The story of the capture of the bird

beast and its description are as follows;

For two weeks past the farmers of Ste.

Emelie de l'Energie and neighboring villages

have suffered from the depredations

of some beast of prey, who nightly visited

their sheepfolds and carried off some of

the finest lambs. , It was generally supposed

that a bear was in the neighborhood,

and the farmers have been on the alert

for the capture of his bearship.

On Wednesday of last week. Joseph

Lassalle, a big young fellow of 25 years,

went in search of the supposed bear,

armed with a double-barreled rifle. Some

five miles back in the woods from the village

named he was startled by hearing a

loud croaking cry. and looking upward

he saw, circling high up in the air, an

immense creature that he at first took to

be a monster eagle.

The bird, or whatever it was, was rapidly

descending, and Lassalle, who was a

crack marksman, took careful aim and

fired. The monster was struck and

badly wounded by the heavy rifle bullet,

and, screaming with pain and rage, it

came tumbling to the earth. As it landed

he gave it the other barrel of the rifle,

and, still thinking it was an eagle, rushed

on it with his clubbed gun.

A terrible battle ensued, lasting for

several moments; then the victory was

with the man, and the monster lay dead at

his feet. He had now time for a closer

inspection of his game, but the thing presented

such an awful and unnatural appearance

that he was terror-stricken and

ran back to the village for help.

He was accompanied back by his father

and four other young farmers. The

monster was then carefully examined by

the farmers, who described it as follows:

It had two great wings measuring 15 feet

from tip to tip. The head, which was 15

inches in circumference, resembled that of

a Large monkey. The body was five feet

long, and, while the back part was covered

with big black feathers, the under

part was covered with a fur or coarse

hair. The feet or claws resembled the

legs of a wolf, and under the tail feathers

was a long appendage with a tuft at the

end that looked like the tail of a large

calf. Lying with wings extended on the

ground the monster looked as big as a

horse, and when weighed was found to

turn the scale at 300 pounds. A team had

to be sent for to bring it back to the village.

Then it was seen by Mr. Alderie 

Charland, a councellor of the town of Joliette,

who was going through the country

purchasing produce. He bought the monster,

probably for exhibition purposes,

from the Lassalles. and Friday evening

last it was brought by train to his place of

business in Joliette, where it is now in process

ot preparation to prevent decay, after

which it will be shipped to this city

for scientific examination. Those who

claim to have seen the monster say it is

the most extraordinary sight they ever

witnessed, and it is hardly possible that

all the respectable men who tell the story

about it can be lying, and, if not, what

can the monster be that is at present

causing such a sensation in the Joliette

district of the province ?

Article used with the permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.     

   Buffalo,  NY 14222-1095

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Mississippi River Sea Serpent, ... with a Bill !

 Roman Citizen

Rome, NY

Friday, January 18, 1878

The Mississippi Monster

It Attacks a Produce Boat and Frightens
The Sailors

A few weeks ago, we published the particulars
of a sea monster, as related by a
tow-boat Captain. The Captain of the
tow-boat described the monster as resembling
an immense snake, with bull-dog
head and a pelican bill ten feet long. It
lashed the water into foam with its tail,
and spurted oblique streams of water forty
feet high. The monster attacked the
barge which the tow-boat had in tow.  After
it disappeared the Captain examined
the barge, and found a splinter from its
bill imbedded in the timber, which he said
resembled, ivory. '’

At the time of publishing the above we
felt a little inclined to doubt the monster
story, but now, after having ourselves interviewed,
two gentlemen who have seen
it, we really think there is a big sea monster
in the Mississippi River.

The gentlemen whom we interviewed
say that on the night of the 9th inst.,
while floating down the Mississippi. River
on Capt. Ed.. Baker's produce boat, when
near Island No. 95, they were startled by
a very loud splash in the water, and as
they had heard of the great monster, they
were very much frightened. They saw .a
dark object not more than 80 yards from
the boat, and for the first time saw the
huge monster. It was. swimming at a
pretty fast rate toward the boat, and it
made as much noise as the steamer R. E.
Lee. It came on, and as it neared the
boat it suddenly turned to the right, striking
the stern oar and knocking it overboard.
John Caughlin and Dud Kelly
alone remained on the roof, the balance of
the crew taking refuge in the cabin. The
monster came near enough to enable these
two gentlemen to get a full view of him.
They judged him to be about 65 feet in
length. His body was shaped like a
snake, his tail forked like a fish, and he
had a bill like that of a pelican. His bill
was fully, six feet in length. He had a
long flowing black mane like a horse.
When he swam his head was eight, feet
above the water. It was a grand sight to
see him move down the river. Messrs.
Caughlin and Kelly tell us that it was impossible
to induce the crew to come out
that night. . The pilot, Mr. McCune
George, was finally, lead out by his wife,
she assuring him that the great monster
had departed; .

Capt. Baker's boat is now moored at
our landing, at the foot of Main street.
All of his crew, except one man, have
abandoned her, and Capt. Baker says it is
impossible to get a crew, as the men think
the monster is still-following her. 
–Natchez (Miss.) Democrat

The Rome Citizen  newspaper published
From 1840-1888; in Rome, N.Y. 
Now a defunct paper with no known copyright.

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Flying Saucer Inventor?

Buffalo Courier Express

Sunday, August 21, 1949

Page 4 - A

Air Force Now
Denies Find Is
Flying Saucer

Washington. Aug. 20 (INS)—The
Air Force today exploded the theory
that two disc-shaped planes found in
a Maryland tobacco barn were the
pilot models of the "flying saucers"
reported to have been seen two years ago.

In a terse, one-sentence statement,
the service disputed the claim of one
of its officers that the missing inventor
of the weird craft may have gone
into seclusion to perfect the awesome
"saucers."The announcement declared:

"Air Force states that the two
 experimental aircraft 
found near Baltimore
yesterday have, absolutely no
connection with the reported phenomena
of flying saucers."

An intensive, nationwide search was
under way, meanwhile, for Johathan
Caldwell, the inventor, who disappeared
in 1941 after a series of frustrations
in his scheme to develop a
new type plane.

Air Force officers, who have been
conducting a two-year investigation
of the saucer mystery. Friday came
upon the weather-beaten experimental"
ships in the abandoned tobacco barn
near Glen Burnie. Md.

Article used with the permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.     

   Buffalo,  NY 14222-1095

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Peek - A - Boo, ... a Sea Serpent !

Original Image

This year we've had a number of interesting articles, I hope you' re enjoying them.  One of the original story lines of this Blog, is the sea serpent; and my observations of something living in Ellicott Creek. This spring is starting out great with a new photo, that I believe shows a mystery creature.  On Sunday April 24, 2016, 3:27PM,  I was out taking photos along Ellicott Creek.  I was photographing a Canada Goose; I noticed the strange tracks in the bottom of the creek.  You can see two tracks or trenches,  in the muddy creek bottom. One arcs in front of the goose, the other goes from the shore, towards the center of the creek.  I thought it suspicious, but didn't connect it to the small object protruding out of the creek, some ten feet back.  

A few days later, I was reviewing photos I had taken recently, and examined the object in the shadows.  Surprise, ... I see a head poking out of the creek! It's small head with a cow or bull like nose!  At first I questioned whether it could be a tree branch or debris, it was hard to discern an eye.  I rechecked my path along the creek, and didn't find this object again, nor the tracks.  Also it was quite different from most of my previous sightings. I began enhancing the area in question with my image program; and found a animal looking at me, or more likely, gazing at the goose.

Zoom in of the head.

The first image,  zoomed in,  shows the head.  The shape of the head is visible, and the nose can be seen without enhancement. Doesn't it look like a bull nose, the nostrils are clearly visible.  The eye isn't visible in this image. But you can see a brow ridge, that curves down to the jaw.  It looks somewhat yucky, I believe the stuff  behind the nose is creek mud and leaves, etc.  This supports my view they tend to stay on the creek bottom, in the mud and debris.  The tracks in the mud, in the larger original image also support this view.

Enhanced Head

The greatly enhanced image reveals the eye!  Notice around the eye there are radiating lines, part of the eye lids. Perhaps the eyes can move like some lizards, in different directions?  Also notice the eye appears mostly black, with no white. It has a large brow ridge to protect the eye.   The nose appears in great detail, and you can see the nostrils.  Just along the water line from the nose back, is a lighter colored area of the jaw.

This animal still has great mystery about it.  I believe it a sea serpent, that is,  a snake like body.  The water is a few feet deep where this photo was taken, I saw no body.  The mud could be a few feet deep.  Also I can't comment on the underside of the head, or the mouth and teeth.  This one is obviously young, and small.  It  looks like the same animal I have seen in the past.  Perhaps the same animal people have reported in the past as, ... the Lake Erie Sea Serpent!

(Here some specifics on the original image.  The image was taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T5i, and a EF70 - 300mm,  f/4 - 5.6 IS USM lens,  set at 115 mm,  1/800 sec. exposure, f/7.1 aperture, ISO 200.  The enhanced image was made using Corel PaintShop Pro X8 and Corel AfterShot 2)

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Living UFO's?!

Buffalo Courier - Express

Sunday, July 24, 1955

Page A - 8, Column 3

After 8 Years Flying Saucers Still Are a Mystery

(Editor's note: It has been eight
years now since the first report
of a flying saucer set off a
continuing echo around the
world. Here's the story of a summer
phenomenon with a variety
of descriptions, including delusion,
optical illusion and men
from outer space.)


WASHINGTON. July 23 (AP) —
Eight years, ago this summer a
Boise business man, flying alone
in his private plane, suddenly
spotted mysterious objects playing
about Washington s Mt.

When Kenneth Arnold came
down to earth, he dutifully reported
what he had seen.

His report was to set off an
astonishing chain reaction that
was to sweep around the world,
causing fright, wonder, disbelief.

Air forces sprang to the alert.
Radar experts anxiously scanned
the skies. Scientists scurried to
their laboratories. E x p e r ts
dredged up words like "muscae
volitantes" or "scintillating scotoma"
to explain what had happened.
Authors went to work on
their typewriters. And there were
official comments from the only
two U.S. Presidents we have had
since that day—a day so remarkable
it deserves a line all to itself:
June 24. 1947.
For Kenneth Arnold said that
he had seen a flying saucer.

Probably it was no accident
that the first of thousands of
flying saucers to be reported was
seen in the summertime. The big
harvest has been in the hot

It will surprise no student of
unidentified aerial phenomena, as
the Air Force calls it, if before
the summer is over another rash
of flying saucers breaks out
somewhere in the world.

Following Arnold's discovery,
more and more saucers were
seen in this country through
1952, when a record 1,700 were
spotted. Then came a slump,
with only 429 seen in 1953. The
decline has continued, the Air
Force man in charge of saucer
counting says, until the reports
are hardly more than a trickle.

But America's loss has been
England's gain. Last year English
saucer sighters made a bountiful
catch. Naturally, the peak season
was the summer.

Anyone looking into this situation
quickly learns that opinions
of flying saucers slip into two
widely separated slots:

(A) Those who believe in them,
sincerely and often belligerently.
These range from those who think
the Air Force really has a flying
saucer but won't admit it to those
who think the saucers sail in
from outer space, operated by
fantastic little creatures.

(B) Those who don't believe In
them, sincerely and often sarcastically.
These range from those
who feel they can be explained
away by optical Illusions to those
who think it's sort of a mass delusion,
perfectly in keeping with
our edgy times.

Saw Nine Objects

Arnold, who represents a fire
control equipment firm, told investigators
that on historic June
24,1947, he saw not one, but nine,
of the weird objects.

"I could see their outline quite
plainly against the snow as they
approached the mountain," Arnold
said. "They flew very close to 
the mountain top . , . like geese
in a diagonal chain-like line, as
If they were linked together . . .
a chain of saucer-like things at
least five miles long, swerving
in and out of the high mountain

"They were flat like a pie pan
and so shiny they reflected the
sun like a mirror. I never saw
anything move so fast."

When the story came out, there
was a lot of snickering at Arnold.
But soon so many people, including
some trained pilots, were reporting
celestial mysteries that
Arnold feels he has been vindicated.

A man who takes his saucers
seriously, Arnold told an Associated
Press reporter recently that
he not only has spotted flying
saucers four different times since
that first memorable occasion,
but also has worked out a theory.

Thinks They Live,
Disturbed by Quakes

His view: They're living organisms
of' some sort "that come
down to the lower atmosphere
when they are disturbed by earthquakes,
a t o m i c explosions or
things like that."

In this theory Arnold seems to
be pretty much alone. But expert
testimony can be round to support
his view that something
seems to be flying around up

In July, 1948, for instance, two
Eastern Airlines pilots, C. S.
Chiles and John B. White saw
"a wingless aircraft, 100 feet long,
cigar shaped and about twice the
diameter of a B-29, with no
protruding surfaces . . .

"Whatever it was, it flashed
down toward us and we veered to
the left," they told investigators.
"It veered to Its left and passed
up about 700 feet high to our
right and above us. Then, as

if the pilot had seen us and wanted

to avoid us, It pulled up with a
tremendous burst of flame from
the rear and zoomed into the
clouds, its prop wash or jet wash
rocking our DC-J."

A 72-year-old Air Chief Marshal,
Lord Downing, who commanded
the home fighter plane
forces in the World War II Battle
of Britain, last year told a group
of spiritualists:

"I believe there are people on
other planets who are operating
—through flying saucers—to help
our world in our present crisis."

Flying right along with them,
at least in fancy, is a group of
industrious authors who have
turned out a shelf full of books
on the subject.

Last summer, Desmont Leslie,
a tall, 33-year-old Englishman
who had served in the
RAF, dropped by the AP office
here with the glad tidings that
he had arrived on our shores
to do research in flying saucers.

Leslie, who had already helped
w r i t e "Flying Saucers Have
Landed," said recorded history is
full of allusions to mysterious
flying objects. Be is sure they
are piloted by Very high type
creatures from outer space, and
that the bible has a reference to
these celestial goings on.
"Ezekiel 10," he said. "A wheel
within a wheel What a fine
description of a flying saucer!"

But if there art true believers,
there is also a formidable array
of scientific opinion on the other
side of the fence.

Dr. J. G. Porter, chief scientific
officer of the English Royal Observatory
at Hurstmonceaux, said
flatly there's no such thing as a
flying saucer.

Or if you prefer home grown
skeptics, in 1952 Maj Gen. Roger
M. Ramey, at the height of the
saucer craze, said they didn't

Ramey said there are considerable
physical phenomena that
need explaining and the prob-
lent is further complicated because—
"Some people see things that
aren't there. Some people describe
things they haven't seen
It is noticeable the reports come
in waves."

A Los Angeles doctor, Edgar
F. Mauer. suggested it could be
either muscae volitantes or maybe
even scintillating scotoma
Either way it added up to approximately
the same thing:
Spots before the eyes.

Dr. Urner Liddel. chief of the
nuclear physics branch of the
Office of Naval Research, noted
that the first saucer story came
out shortly" after plastic gas bags
were sent far into the air for

Not Secret Weapon
Says Charles G. Ross
In 1950, the late Presidential
Secretary Charles G. Ross, speaking
for his boss, Harry Truman,
said the flying saucer was not a
secret weapon of this or any
other country.

On Dec. 15, 1954. President
Eisenhower told a news conference
he had been assured it is
completely inaccurate to believe
flying saucers are coming from
outer space.

But some government experts
have supplied pictorial hints as
to where such ideas may originate.
Only July 1 the Navy released
a photograph of an "unusual
cloud formation over the
city of Marseilles. France."

It looked startltingly like a flying

As for the Air Force, it continues
to check each report thoroughly.

"In a way," the Air Force's
saucer man said. "All this looking
for flying saucers is a good thing.
You never can tell when they
might spot an enemy aircraft."

Summer Popular Season

He also had a suggestion on
why summer seems so popular
for saucers:

' I t could be as simple as this—
more people out of doors then."

Whatever the explanation, it's
interesting that two serious attempts
to pin down the flying
saucer got nowhere.

Last summer Dr. Warren Hickman,
dean of Ohio Northern University,
announced that after two
years his school was dropping its
study, "the phenomenon of the
flying saucer."

"We needed basic sightings,"
Hickman said, "and these we
didn't receive."

A similar study by the Canadian
Government also was dropped,
and for the same reason. Not
enough business.

The Canadians gave up on
another project, the building of
a flying saucer.

But they went far enough to
reach this conclusion: It would
cost a billion dollars to build one.

So you'll have to say this for
the little men, if any exist:
They're not only devilish smart,
but they're also in the chips.

Original Cartoon for this Article.

Article used with the permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.     
   Buffalo,  NY 14222-1095

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Nessie Rival in Loch Morar!

Buffalo Courier - Express

Tuesday, August 19, 1969

Page 16

Whale - of - a - Tale
From Loch Ness

Mallaig, Scotland (AP) - The 
Loch Mess monster may have
a nval-with a piece of chewed
oar in its gullet and a shotgun
shell in its thick scaly skin.

William Simpson, a local fisherman,
said he met the monster
while fishing with a friend in
his small boat on Loch Morar

60 Feet Long
It was an encounter to scare
the k i l t off Bonnie Prince

"The thing was 60 feet long
and 6 feet wide." Simpson told
the villagers. "We saw a huge
head, and behind it a row of
dark brown humps."

"It just suddenly appeared
out of the water near the boat.
It came straight for us and
battered against the side." 

Legal to Shoot
The men did what any brave
Scot would do and struck at the
monster with their oars.

"The creature bit at my oar
and chewed the end off." Simpson
said. "I grabbed my shotgun
and fired a shot at pointblank

In Scotland it's legal to shoot
grouse or any other game after
Aug. 12—the Glorious Twelfth, as
the landed gentry call it. No
dates or rules are laid down
for shooting monsters.

Displays Oar
"When I fired, the thing dived
below the surface." Simpson
said, p r o u d l y displaying his
chewed-up oar.

An official of the local Fishermen's
Assn. said:

"I have seen the boat and the
oar with the end bitten off.
These men certainly met something
out there—I don't know

Tale Grows
Loch Morar is the deepest
fresh water lake in Europe. It
is reputed to be 4,200 feet to
the bottom at some points.

Over on the shores of Loch
Ness, Simpson's story was taken
seriously A spokesman at the
Phenomena Investigation Bureau,
which collects evidence of
Scotland's most famous monster.
said "This is not the first time
we have heard reports of a
monster in Loch Morar. It is
a story with a long history."

Article used with permission of
Buffalo State College Archives
and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo Sate College
1300 Elmwood Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14222-1095

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fort Niagara Sea Serpent!

Niagara Falls Gazette

Monday, August 2, 1965

Page 9

Niagara Topics

By Bill Nelson

Sea Serpent Dept. -
Did you know there was supposed
 to be a sea serpent off Ft. Niagara
a while back?  You believe the 
Gazette, don't you?

According to a story
on the Sept. 13, 1884, issue of the 
Gazette, this serpent was seen by 
Dan McKim of Lockport  at the mouth
of the Niagara River at 9 a.m.

It was a "monstrous sea serpent,
50 feet in length, with a head as 
big as a large barrel." Mr. McKim
was out fishing and he said the
 sea serpent came up twice 
within 100 feet of his boat.
He described the monster as 
having eyes about four inches in
 diameter with red rings around them
(hangover, maybe?)

It had tusks like a wild boar and 
two horns on its head.  Its tail 
resembled that of a fish and
 was about five feet across.

"The serpent was seen by a 
soldier at the fort and by  a
 party of fisherman on shore.
Many fish nets have been destroyed
 at the mouth of the river this 
season and it is now supposed
to be the work of the sea serpent."
* * *

Article used with the 
permission of the  
Niagara Falls Gazette.

Fort Niagara Sea Monster in "Google Earth"?

After reading the news story about the Fort Niagara Sea Serpent, 
you may be wondering if there is still a creature out there?
Well, ... there is this interesting object in the Niagara river, 
upstream from Fort Niagara!  You can see it in the "Google Earth" satellite 
imagery below.   It is over twenty feet in length, and appears to 
look like a two humped camel with a tail, and a large lizard like head. 
Perhaps that is why some call them Sea Horses, you can ride them if
you dare ... between the humps!  Decide for yourself, ... is it a sea monster?

Fort Niagra Sea Serpent

Highlighted Sea Serpent

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