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Fort Niagara Sea Serpent!

Niagara Falls Gazette

Monday, August 2, 1965

Page 9

Niagara Topics

By Bill Nelson

Sea Serpent Dept. -
Did you know there was supposed
 to be a sea serpent off Ft. Niagara
a while back?  You believe the 
Gazette, don't you?

According to a story
on the Sept. 13, 1884, issue of the 
Gazette, this serpent was seen by 
Dan McKim of Lockport  at the mouth
of the Niagara River at 9 a.m.

It was a "monstrous sea serpent,
50 feet in length, with a head as 
big as a large barrel." Mr. McKim
was out fishing and he said the
 sea serpent came up twice 
within 100 feet of his boat.
He described the monster as 
having eyes about four inches in
 diameter with red rings around them
(hangover, maybe?)

It had tusks like a wild boar and 
two horns on its head.  Its tail 
resembled that of a fish and
 was about five feet across.

"The serpent was seen by a 
soldier at the fort and by  a
 party of fisherman on shore.
Many fish nets have been destroyed
 at the mouth of the river this 
season and it is now supposed
to be the work of the sea serpent."
* * *

Article used with the 
permission of the  
Niagara Falls Gazette.

Fort Niagara Sea Monster in "Google Earth"?

After reading the news story about the Fort Niagara Sea Serpent, 
you may be wondering if there is still a creature out there?
Well, ... there is this interesting object in the Niagara river, 
upstream from Fort Niagara!  You can see it in the "Google Earth" satellite 
imagery below.   It is over twenty feet in length, and appears to 
look like a two humped camel with a tail, and a large lizard like head. 
Perhaps that is why some call them Sea Horses, you can ride them if
you dare ... between the humps!  Decide for yourself, ... is it a sea monster?

Fort Niagra Sea Serpent

Highlighted Sea Serpent

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