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Nessie Rival in Loch Morar!

Buffalo Courier - Express

Tuesday, August 19, 1969

Page 16

Whale - of - a - Tale
From Loch Ness

Mallaig, Scotland (AP) - The 
Loch Mess monster may have
a nval-with a piece of chewed
oar in its gullet and a shotgun
shell in its thick scaly skin.

William Simpson, a local fisherman,
said he met the monster
while fishing with a friend in
his small boat on Loch Morar

60 Feet Long
It was an encounter to scare
the k i l t off Bonnie Prince

"The thing was 60 feet long
and 6 feet wide." Simpson told
the villagers. "We saw a huge
head, and behind it a row of
dark brown humps."

"It just suddenly appeared
out of the water near the boat.
It came straight for us and
battered against the side." 

Legal to Shoot
The men did what any brave
Scot would do and struck at the
monster with their oars.

"The creature bit at my oar
and chewed the end off." Simpson
said. "I grabbed my shotgun
and fired a shot at pointblank

In Scotland it's legal to shoot
grouse or any other game after
Aug. 12—the Glorious Twelfth, as
the landed gentry call it. No
dates or rules are laid down
for shooting monsters.

Displays Oar
"When I fired, the thing dived
below the surface." Simpson
said, p r o u d l y displaying his
chewed-up oar.

An official of the local Fishermen's
Assn. said:

"I have seen the boat and the
oar with the end bitten off.
These men certainly met something
out there—I don't know

Tale Grows
Loch Morar is the deepest
fresh water lake in Europe. It
is reputed to be 4,200 feet to
the bottom at some points.

Over on the shores of Loch
Ness, Simpson's story was taken
seriously A spokesman at the
Phenomena Investigation Bureau,
which collects evidence of
Scotland's most famous monster.
said "This is not the first time
we have heard reports of a
monster in Loch Morar. It is
a story with a long history."

Article used with permission of
Buffalo State College Archives
and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo Sate College
1300 Elmwood Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14222-1095

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