Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Peek - A - Boo, ... a Sea Serpent !

Original Image

This year we've had a number of interesting articles, I hope you' re enjoying them.  One of the original story lines of this Blog, is the sea serpent; and my observations of something living in Ellicott Creek. This spring is starting out great with a new photo, that I believe shows a mystery creature.  On Sunday April 24, 2016, 3:27PM,  I was out taking photos along Ellicott Creek.  I was photographing a Canada Goose; I noticed the strange tracks in the bottom of the creek.  You can see two tracks or trenches,  in the muddy creek bottom. One arcs in front of the goose, the other goes from the shore, towards the center of the creek.  I thought it suspicious, but didn't connect it to the small object protruding out of the creek, some ten feet back.  

A few days later, I was reviewing photos I had taken recently, and examined the object in the shadows.  Surprise, ... I see a head poking out of the creek! It's small head with a cow or bull like nose!  At first I questioned whether it could be a tree branch or debris, it was hard to discern an eye.  I rechecked my path along the creek, and didn't find this object again, nor the tracks.  Also it was quite different from most of my previous sightings. I began enhancing the area in question with my image program; and found a animal looking at me, or more likely, gazing at the goose.

Zoom in of the head.

The first image,  zoomed in,  shows the head.  The shape of the head is visible, and the nose can be seen without enhancement. Doesn't it look like a bull nose, the nostrils are clearly visible.  The eye isn't visible in this image. But you can see a brow ridge, that curves down to the jaw.  It looks somewhat yucky, I believe the stuff  behind the nose is creek mud and leaves, etc.  This supports my view they tend to stay on the creek bottom, in the mud and debris.  The tracks in the mud, in the larger original image also support this view.

Enhanced Head

The greatly enhanced image reveals the eye!  Notice around the eye there are radiating lines, part of the eye lids. Perhaps the eyes can move like some lizards, in different directions?  Also notice the eye appears mostly black, with no white. It has a large brow ridge to protect the eye.   The nose appears in great detail, and you can see the nostrils.  Just along the water line from the nose back, is a lighter colored area of the jaw.

This animal still has great mystery about it.  I believe it a sea serpent, that is,  a snake like body.  The water is a few feet deep where this photo was taken, I saw no body.  The mud could be a few feet deep.  Also I can't comment on the underside of the head, or the mouth and teeth.  This one is obviously young, and small.  It  looks like the same animal I have seen in the past.  Perhaps the same animal people have reported in the past as, ... the Lake Erie Sea Serpent!

(Here some specifics on the original image.  The image was taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T5i, and a EF70 - 300mm,  f/4 - 5.6 IS USM lens,  set at 115 mm,  1/800 sec. exposure, f/7.1 aperture, ISO 200.  The enhanced image was made using Corel PaintShop Pro X8 and Corel AfterShot 2)

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