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Flying Saucer Inventor?

Buffalo Courier Express

Sunday, August 21, 1949

Page 4 - A

Air Force Now
Denies Find Is
Flying Saucer

Washington. Aug. 20 (INS)—The
Air Force today exploded the theory
that two disc-shaped planes found in
a Maryland tobacco barn were the
pilot models of the "flying saucers"
reported to have been seen two years ago.

In a terse, one-sentence statement,
the service disputed the claim of one
of its officers that the missing inventor
of the weird craft may have gone
into seclusion to perfect the awesome
"saucers."The announcement declared:

"Air Force states that the two
 experimental aircraft 
found near Baltimore
yesterday have, absolutely no
connection with the reported phenomena
of flying saucers."

An intensive, nationwide search was
under way, meanwhile, for Johathan
Caldwell, the inventor, who disappeared
in 1941 after a series of frustrations
in his scheme to develop a
new type plane.

Air Force officers, who have been
conducting a two-year investigation
of the saucer mystery. Friday came
upon the weather-beaten experimental"
ships in the abandoned tobacco barn
near Glen Burnie. Md.

Article used with the permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.     

   Buffalo,  NY 14222-1095

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