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Out of Africa ... A Dinosaur?

Buffalo Sunday Courier Magazine

April 9, 1922

Page 6

Strange New African Monster

F C. CORNELL, fellow of the Royal 

Geographical Society, who recently returned

to England after spending twenty

years in practically unknown parts of South

Africa, is author of a story about an unknown

monster that had been seen near the

great falls of the Orange river.

It has a huge head and a neck ten feet

long like a bending tree. It seizes the 

native cattle and drags them under water. The

natives call it "Kyman," or the Great Thing.

Last May Mr. Cornell, accompanied by two

white companions, W. H. Brown and N. B.

Way, of Cape Town, and three Hottentots,

went to the junction of the Oub and Orange

rivers to sea the monster if possible.

He writes! "At the cries of the natives

I saw something black, huge, and sinuous

swimming rapidly against the current in the

swirling rapids. The monster kept its

enormous body under water, but the neck

was plainly visible. The monster may have

been a very gigantic python,  but if It was

it was of an incredible size. This reptile

may have lived for hundreds of years.

Pythons approaching it in size have been

said to have lived that long."

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