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Plesiosaur ?

Buffalo Courier Express

Monday, November 16, 1970

Page 3

Tide Washes
Sea Serpent
Up on Beach

SCITUATE. Mass. (UPI) — The
decomposed body of a creature
described by police as a 30-foot
sea serpent which resembled a
camel without legs washed
ashore Sunday on a nearby

Police said the creature weighed
between 15 and 20 tons.
The coral-colored, creature has
a small head, a long neck and
a large, finned body, police said.
Washed Up on Beach

The creature washed up on
Mann Hill Beach with the incoming
tide at approximately 3

Officials of the New England
Aquarium arrived at the scene
Sunday night, and the head
zoologist from the Woods Hole
Oceanographic Institute was expected
Monday morning.

Aquarium officials feared the
body might be washed away
again on the next high tide, but
no steps had been taken as of
late Sunday night to secure the
hulking carcass to the beach.

Spotted in 1700's

According to Edward Rowe
Snow, an authority on the
Massachusetts coastline, such
creatures were spotted during
the 1700's in Gloucester and
Plymouth, Mass. The body of a
similar creature washed ashore
sometime around 1850.

The skeleton of one serpent is
encased in a museum at Harvard
University and another is
preserved in California.

A police officer who viewed
the enormous carcass said, "It's
fantastic. It's one of those things
you've always heard about, but
always laugh at."

Picture Page:

Original article image from the Picture Page of the Courier Express.

The Sea Serpent photo from the "Picture Page" of the Courier express.

Article used with the permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.   
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