Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Cuban "Bimini Road"!

The "Bimini Road' is a stone structure near the North Bimini island of the Bahamas. Some believe it is a unusual natural formation.  But, it is also believed to be evidence for the lost continent of Atlantis!  It is a series of large rectangular rocks in a long row.  It is interpreted as a road or wall.  See the link for a good article on the "Bimini Road." 

Now, using "Google Earth" a new "Bimini Road" has been found ... in Cuba!  Off the north shore of the Pinar Del Rio province of Cuba.  You can see a series of large rocks in a straight line, and a second smaller row intersecting the first row to make a cross.  The north/south line is just under a mile in length, the cross row is just over a 1/2 mile going east/west.  This new discovery may support the artificial nature of the original Bimini road.  It indicates some sort of culture building these structures around the islands of the Gulf and southern Atlantic. They could be roads, but to where? Perhaps these are giant docks for fleets of ships.  Warships or fishing and trading ships.

The Cuban "Bimini Road."

Highlighted road or cross.

The Cuba discovery also raises some questions about alleged structures found near the west end of Cuba.  A research company conducting sonar scans found a possible lost city on the ocean floor. The new road may be further evidence of a lost culture building in the area!   See the link for further information on this lost city.

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