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Army Officers See Lake Serpent!

The Buffalo Morning Express

Monday Morning, March 27, 1893

page 2

Lake Sea Serpent

This Must be the Same Monster
Which The Express Reporter
Interviewed Last Summer


Chicago corr. Detroit Tribune.

There is a sea serpent in Lake Michigan.
so, at least, the officers and men at Fort 
Sheridan think since the strange and exciting
experience that befell Capt. Brinkerhoff
and Lieut. Blauveit last Wednesday
afternoon.  The enlisted men are so sure
that a fearful and unknown monster is lying 
in wait for unfortunates off the shore that
a wave of resolutions has passed over 
the post. Several brave and convivial soldiers
have totally reformed and 200 others
have signed the pledge to let liquor alone.

The Captain and the Lieutenant saw the

Capt. H. R. Brinkerhoff is one of the oldest
and most respected officers in the army.
Last wednesday afternoon a black speck on
the waves directly off his house attracted
his attention.  It was evidently coming
toward shore, and as it approached it
grew rapidly in size.  It disappeared beneath 
 a wave, and reappeared again, a huge object
that gave signs of life.

The Captain isn't an excitable man but,
at the moment he felt a queer sensation.
He caught up a field glass and ran toward
the end of the bluff.

Lieut. W. F. Blauveit of company G of
the 15th occupies a residence directly opposite
Capt. Brinkerhoff.  The latter called to
"Oh, Blauveit, come out and look at this
thing in the lake!"

"What is it? the Lieutenant asked.

"I don't know. Come and see. Fetch your
glass and hurry up."

The two officers hurried forward to the
edge of the bluff and leveled their glasses.

"The creature poked its head up" said the 
Captain, "and we plainly saw it with our
naked eyes and through the glasses. The 
head was very large, dark above and light 
colored underneath. We could not see the 
features distinctly, but it looked like an 
alligator's head.  The creature appeared to be
benumbed or disabled. It got entangled in
the ice."  he continued, "and began to struggle.
The effort seemed to revive it.  It disappeared
but quickly came to the surface
again at the identical spot where we had
first got a good view of it.  It looked toward
us for an instant and then turning around
made its waydirectly out into the lake.  It
described almost a letter S with its body in
turning, and we got an expedient view of
it.  The serpent, or whatever it was, I 
estimated to be 30 feet long."

"There is no chance that there was a mistake,
 Captain?" was asked.

The big officer straightened himself with
all the dignity of his rank, "No sir," he 
replied, emphatically: "We saw it."

Article used with the permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.   

   Buffalo,  NY 14222-1095

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