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32 Foot Monster Shark !


Week Ending May 30, 1909

Some Big Sharks.

Sharks often attain a very large size
along the Pacific Coast, especially off
the shores of Southern California.
Very recently a monster shark was
captured by two Italian fishermen In
San Pedro Bay, that is claimed to be
largest fish of that kind ever
caught in the world, says a writer in
the Scientific American. Beyond doubt
It is certainly one of the largest ever
captured anywhere.

When drawn out of the water and
killed, this sea monster weighed 14,000
pounds. It measured from tip to tip
32 feet, and the circumference of the
body just forward of the huge dorsal
fin was 15 feet. Across the fearful
mouth—horizontally—when opened It
was 2 1/2 feet, while from the tip of
the snout to the point of the lower
Jaw it measured 3 1/2 feet.

The shark became hopelessly en-
meshed in some 1,500 feet of the fishermen's
net. The net he speedily tore
Into strips, but, in the giant creature's
efforts to escape the strings and ropes
were wound many times around its
gills, and the shark was held a fast
prisoner. Despite its long and frantic
struggles for freedom, the shark was
finally stranded and killed with harpoons.
The struggle lasted for more
than an hour. The monster's stomach
was found full of fish. It was engaged
in robbing the net whan It became entangled.

So far as here known, the largest
shark previously caught was twenty-two
feet long—ten feet shorter than
the San Pedro Bay monster. In capturing
the latter the two fishermen
had many narrow escapes from being;
snapped up by the creature. It made
a long, savage and desperate struggle
for its life. The shark was skinned
and stuffed and has been placed on
exhibition. Efforts, it is understood,
are being made by the Smithsonian
Institution to secure this splendid
specimen of the shark family.

Article used with the Permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.   
   Buffalo,  NY 14222-1095

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