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Party Sets Out to Shoot
Sea Serpent With Cameras

Newsmen, Photographers, mariners, and
scientists search for monster

By Cleveland Williams

Seattle, Wash. Oct. 22 (AP) - a

party of newsmen, photographers,

mariners and scientists put out today

to search for the Hiaschuackaluck

 sea serpent and shoot him with cameras.

It was all very well for fishermen,

Indians, girl scouts, tourists and

suchlike imaginative persons to report

80-foot monsters swimming in

Okanogan Lake and off the coast of

Vancouver Island, but when ministers,

provincial officials and hardboiled

sea-captains asserted they

saw the dread cadborosaurus, "Amy"

of the serrated dorsal fins and 

terrible fangs, that was too much.

A Victoria newspaper sent the expedition

in the Straits of Juan de Fuca, 

where Capt. W. N. Prengel of

the Grace liner Santa Lucia reported

he saw a sea monster of giant size.

Capt. Prengel was reluctant to discuss

the nightmare that has caused

such a commotion until he arrived

in Victoria, B.C., from New York,

and found Canadians were talking

of it.

"My navigating officer called my 

attention to a big, peculiarly shaped

object about 300 feet away," he said.

"We saw it was moving rapidly.  It 

cut quite a wake, and when it

disappeared it left quite a wide area

of foam, as if a giant tail had lashed

the water."

Navigating Officer A. E. Richards

said it was early in the morning,

and the ship was about 25 miles

east of Victoria.

"The serpent was lying on the

water," he said, "and when we came

past it lifted its head and looked

at the ship. It had a face something

like a sea cow. Its head was

about 36 inches broad and maybe

4 feet long. The serpent or whatever

you want to call it was about

90 feet long, sort of grayish. It's

body was a foot or a foot and a

half in diameter. It had a vicious

tail and was lashing the water."

Now there you have the story of

the two responsible mariners who

said they were wide awake and in 

an observant frame of mind.

Newsmen, before taking off to

hunt the reptile, said the only thing

that seemed to be missing when the

officers saw it Saturday was the 

serrated dorsal fin reported by more

than ten others.

Skeptics agreed the number of

seamen, familiar with sea-otters,

dolphins and such deceptive creatures

who say they have seen old

hiaschucholuck seemed to have disposed

of that theory of the origin

of the sea-serpent reports.

Article used with the Permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
          1300 Elmwood Ave.  
Buffalo, NY 14222-1095

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