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Thousand Islands Sea Serpent!

The Buffalo Morning Express

Sunday, July 29, 1888

The Usual Sea - Serpent.

This Time He Appears Off the Thousand
Islands -- The Best of Testimony


From the New York Times,

Though the Thousand Islands have been

known at a popular summer resort for several

years it was not until this season that the sea 

serpent put in an appearance on the St. Lawrence

to entertain the summer visitor.  Early in June

some men who were out in a sailboat near

Kingston saw what they believed to be a serpent

about 80 feet long. Due allowance was made

at the time this story was told and everybody 

has been looking for something to corroborate

it. The confirmative evidence came last Thursday

morning when C. W. Sikes of New York

started out to catch a pickerls in the channel

between Round Island and the mainland.  Mr.

Sikes ordered his boatmen to pull his boat near

a marsh on the main shore. When about 40

rods from the marsh Mr. Sikes says he saw

something black moving about quite rapidly on the 

top of the water.  At first he thought it was a 

duck or some other species of water bird, but a

near aproach convinced him it was 

nothing of the sort. It was as he believes, the

head of a water serpent of enormous size. The

head went under when the boat was about 

40 yards from it.  As it disappeared the water was

rifled by the serpents tail at least 30 feet from 

the spot. The serpent did not reappear, but

part of the river.  They give it as their opinion

that the serpent was at least six inches in diameter

and 80 feet long.  Since they reported their

discovery all the young ladies on the island 

refuse to go out in anything but steam yachts

having high gunwales, and skiff owners are 

taking a rest. 

Article used with the Permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
     1300 Elmwood Ave.  
Buffalo, NY 14222-1095

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