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Courier Express

Sunday, September 9, 1956
20 A

Object Flew Away
'Fleeing Saucer'
Is Called Balloon

MONEYMORE, Northern Ireland,
Sept. 8 (AP) A "level-headed.
God-fearing ,"  Irish farmer says
he was running to the polite station
with a captured flying saucer
in his arms yesterday, but it escaped.

"I had difficulty in holding it
down," Thomas Hutchinson explained

A Royal Air Force officer
said what Hutchinson picked
up mast have been a weather
balloon — but police preferred
the farmer's version.

"Thomas Hutchinson is a levelheaded.
God-fearing chap," said
the desk sergeant at Moneymore
headquarters. "He's not the sort
of man who would imagine he
seized a flying saucer if, in fact,
he didn't have one."

Hutchinson said he and his
wife, Maud, saw a flying saucer
drop from the clouds into a bog
200 yards from his front door
shortly after lunch yesterday.

It was egg shaped, about 3
feet high and 18 inches in diameter,
said Hutchinson. "It was
bright red with two dark red
marks at the end and three
dark red s t r i p e s . It had a
saucer-shaped base. I kicked It
over, but it returned to its
original position."

When he got down on his knees
for a closer examination, he went
on, It began to spin. So he put
a hammer lock on it and mused:
,'The police station was the only
place for such a wicked looking
thing as this and I started to
carry it there."

Then Mrs. Hutchinson took up
the tale:

"Ah, it was a terrible thing. My
husband warned me not to go
near it. but you know a woman's
inquisitiveness. I just couldn't
keep back."

She said she walked along
with her husband when he tried
to haul the fearful object to
the police station at the village
of Loup and stood there staring
at it when he put it on the
ground for a moment to negotiate
a hedge.

"Then all of a sudden the monster
rose and it nearly pulled my
husband off his feet when he
tried to hold it."

Asked by police what she did
then, she replied:

"I started to panic and then I 
ran home and prayed." 

A high ranking RAF officer
at nearby Aldergrove said he
was "nearly certain" that the
strange object was an escaped
weather balloon that had broken
away from some station.

'These balloons are almost
identical with the shape of the
object that Hutchinson saw," he
added. "It could have dropped to
earth when it encountered some
change in the air currents. And it
could have gone up again."

Mrs. Hutchinson vigorously
shook her head in disagreement.

The Hutchinson farm is located
in a bleak, boggy land near Loch
Neagh, where leprechauns, ghosts
and witches have been sighted
through the ages.

But never before. A flying saucer.

Article used with the Permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
     1300 Elmwood Ave.  
Buffalo, NY 14222-1095

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