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Sea Serpent Etiquette!

Courier Express

Monday Morning,  April 27, 1939

page 1, column 7

Skipper Says Sea Serpent
Nodded to Him at Luncheon

Halibut fisherman insists animal had head
like camel, eyes like buns

Astoria, Ore., April 16 (JP)—The
story of a run-in with a sea serpent
which had a head like a camel and
eyes as big as hot cross buns, was
told today by Skipper Chris Anderson
and his crew of the Halibut
schooner Argo.

"He could have sunk us with a
nudge," declared Anderson.
The skipper said it happened
Thursday, when he and his men
were gathering in halibut on the
banks at the mouth of the Columbia
River. This is Anderson's story:
A monster with great staring
eyes and a neck ten feet long suddenly
broke water within ten feet
of the Argo's hull.

The creature nodded gravely to
the fishermen. Then it went nonchalantly
about its immediate business,
which seemed to be that of
chewing up a twenty-pound halibut.

Everybody watched, just to be sure
he wasn't seeing things.

Finally some of the crew members
got out a boat hook and were
going to punch the monster. Anderson,
however, put a quick stop
to it.

Then, almost as suddenly as it
had appeared, the monster ducked
out of sight.

When he told the story to friends
along the Astoria waterfront some
of them surmised he had seen an
aged, gigantic sea elephant which
occasionally competes with fishermen
for halibut.

Anderson, however, stayed by his
sea serpent story.

"I've fished for 25 years." he said.
"I never saw anything like that It
may have been a sea elephant but
if it was, I never saw one that
looked like what I saw this trip, and
I never want to see it again."

Article used with the Permission of:

Buffalo State College Archives
 and Special Collections
E. H. Butler Library #135
Buffalo State College
     1300 Elmwood Ave.  
Buffalo, NY 14222-1095

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