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Finding Noah's Ark!

The Buffalo Express

Monday Morning, July 11, 1892

page 3


A Greek Priest Says it is Still
Resting on Mt. Ararat.


The Traveler Also Says He Has
Been in PLaces in Central Africa
Where the Hills Glitter with the
Precious Metal.

From the San Francisco Examiner.

The Rev. John Joseph Nouri, D.D.,
L.L.D., the  Chaldean archdeacon of Babylon
and Jerusalem, who arrived at San
Francisco the other day on the steamer
China, says he has seen Noah's ark. As
he  recounted he has traveled, preaching
and exploring various lands, 250,000
miles. He set out, from his home in
Jerusalem seven years ago, and it will
be five years yet, he, says, before be gets
back. In the five years he will travel
150,000 miles more, making a total in the
12 years of 400,000  miles, or a distance
of more than 15 times around the earth.
In addition to the office held by him, as
indicated by hie degrees, he is pontifical
delegate general of Nedabor and ex
grand secretary of the metropolitan archdiocese
of Persia and India. He was educated
at Babylon, previous to which he
apent much of his time at Jerusalem and

One of the things he told about was
his explorations in the Mountains of the
Moon, in the east of Central Africa, while
trying to find the source of the Nile, in
.Which he found gold so plentiful that the
mountains were fairly ribbed with it and
boulders along the way sparkled with
the yellow metal. The other was the discovery
of the sources of the Tigris and
Euphrates in Mount Ararat in Armenia,
and a tremendous Vessel on top of one
horn of Mount Ararat, which he regards
as the veritable ark of Noah.

"In this journey, to the undiscovered
and hitherto unexplored Mountains of
the Moon," said he, "I set out from Alexandria
and penetrated 2,000 miles in the
interior. I went by way of Cairo, thence
down to Codar, and thence to Khartoum
In the valley of the Nile. From there I
proceeded to Timbuctoo, in the south of
the Great Sahara. Timbuctoo now has
between 60,000 and 70,000 people. It is
very ancient and very famous, vying with
Morocco, Algiers and Tripoli in commercial
trade. Great caravans of horses,
camels and elephants ply between all
these cities. I had traveling with me
and composing the rest of my party six
Abyssinians, who were of the Greek orthodox'faith.
We, moved forward in all
kinds of ways, sometimes on donkeys,
again on camels and in the high mountains
on foot. It took us between five and
six months to complete our explorations.
All this time, whenever we were among
any people, no matter how barberous, I
preached to them.

"About 200 miles over the desert from
Timbuctoo we began to get into the goldbearing
mountain. The richness of the
mountains increased as we advanced until
tbe rocks were seamed with gold.
These are the rich gold mines of the
world, No mines hitherto found can compare,
with them. They are destined to
attract the attention of all nations of the
globe. The country was richer and richer
as we proceeded, Boulders lay in our
pathway that were not boulders, in that
but little of them was rock, but gold. I
may say that the, mines of that country,
or rather the ore bodies, for they am not
mined to speak of, are as much as 80 per
cent, pure gold. I picked up some of the
gold, intending to take it with me, but I
got too much. It way too heavy, and
owing to the hardness of our trip I was
forced to throw a great deal of it away.
Some of it I kept, but not much. The
natives there , know it is valuable, and
they prize it, but the richest of it is so
remote that they do not take the trouble
to get it. I am convinced that the gold
mountains extend for 8,000 or 4,000
miles Yes, any man who would go there
could get plenty vof gold and could bring
it away. If I were not a clergyman, but
a business-man, I would go there and get

"From here I still extended my researches,
preaching all the time when I
could as I went. I had in view the
searching of the sources of the two great
Rivers of the Bible —the Tigris and
Euphrates of Mesopotamia. Gaining
facts, as I am, for a great ecclesiastical
history of the Eastern church throughout
the world, and constantly visiting an-
. cient museums, universities and everywhere
where manuscripts and tablets
could be found, I thought it was important
to search for myself for the source
of those great rivers. I found them after
great difficulty, and in doing this I
climbed almost to the top of the two
horns of Mount Ararat in Armenia. Up
toward the domes of Mount Ararat is a
flat,valley, large in area, which may be
designated a plain. It is nearly 2,000
feet above the sea. About 200 feet above
the plain I found the sources of those two
great rivers. They are very close together.
The water was extremely cold
and clear.

"Then we proceeded to ascend to the
top of Mount Ararat. We first chose the
smaller horn. This is about 16,000 feet
high, while that other is, as nearly as it
is now ascertained, about 18,000 feet in
altitude. We succeeded in getting up
about 14,000 feet. There was perpetual
snow there, and it lay very deep. A violent
wind was blowing, and the mountain
was so precipitous that we could not go
farther. Accordingly, we retraced our
steps, and when we got down to a point
from which we could cross over to the
other mountain we went over to it and
began climbing. We. reached the altitude
of 14,000 or 15,000 feet. The snow
here also was,very deep. We walked on
till It was impossible to go any farther.
We walked for hours and hours on the
snow, and finally came down 2,000 or
8,000 feet.

"It was in the month of March that
we made up onr mind that it would be
impossible to reach the top in such
weather. We must wait till the snow.
or a great deal or it at least, melted. We
accordingly went still further below and
remained till April. Then we were
abundantly paid for all our labor, for we
discovered, what I feel sure was the ark,
the actual work of Noah. I discovered
it myself, being the first to see it. I saw
it through a field glass at first, though
we got so close to it that it was visible to
the eye alone. We had reached a height
over the green grass, and at length in
the deep snow and over glaciers of probably
16,000 or 16,500 feet and within
1,500 or 2,000 feet of the top. Presently
a great object came into view through
the glass.

"The bow and stern wore clearly in
view, but the center of it was buried in
snow and one side of it had fallen down
and was decayed. It stood more thnn
100 feet high, and was more than 800
yards long. The wood seemed very peculiar.
It was dark reddish, almost iron colored,
and seemed very thick. I saw
it perfectly, especially the rear part. It
is between 5,000 and 6,000 years old.
Would the wood last for that time? Oh,
yes. It would not were it not for the
snow, but that has preserved it. Were
it not for that, constructed even of hard
wood as it is, it would have been impossible
to last over 2,000 or 3,000 years.
As it is, it will be preserved for ages and
ages; perhaps 20,000 or 30.000 years.

"Never before have I told of the discovery
for publication," said he, "and I
never have told it to anybody, except to
a few people in India. I will tell you
why I did not announce it before. It is.
because some of the people I told it to
laughed and would not believe it. Therefore
I said I will not tell it, unless they
ask me, but when they do I will tell the
entire story. Meantime, I trust to the
future to verify what I have seen, It
was on April 25th, at about 2 o'clock in
the afternoon, that I finally saw the ark
upon tho mountain. I was almost overcome.
The sight of the ark, thus verifying
the truth of the Scriptures, in which
I had before had no doubt, but which for
the sake of those who did not believe, I,
was glad, filled me with gratitude.

The top of the ark that still remained
was covered  with a cap of from five to
ten feet of snow, but in other places,
where the top has fallen in, I Judge the
snow is from 30 to 50 feet deep. 1 went
clear around and came back again, and
looked at the rear or stern critically, at
length and with great care. Not a cloud
nor a rift or even fleecy snow obstructed
the view. It was all as clear and plain
as the clearest sunlight could make it.
Some of the rooms or turrets of the ark
were broken half way by the snow and
protruded over. I paused for quite a
time, contemplating with gratitude and
awe the discovery. I made the complete
circuit of the dome, and had with the utmost
care noted the great vessel from
many different points. I thoroughly assured
myself, gazing long and repeatedly
at different parts of the great craft that
once for 40 days and 40 nights had on
board of it every living and creeping animal
and insect and every flying thing in
the world."

"At length I called the attention of my
companions who had been in the war to
it, and they examined it critically, and
all admitted that, they saw the vessel, the
veritable ark of Noah."

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