Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Stone Boat?

Porto Santo is a island in the Madeirian archipelago.  Located in the Atlantic ocean, north of the Canary Islands, and west of the straits of Gibraltar.  That is ... in the general area  that Atlantis is traditionally placed.  

 On the southern shore of the island can be seen a unusual repeating pattern in the rock shore line.  Using a little imagination, I speculate there is a rock carving just under the water.  A crude sculpture that may represent a boat with sail! 

The boat shape with sail above.

Note the basic shape of a simple boat.  Above it is a repeating pattern that could be a stitched sail on a mast.  Who might have made this image? The ocean level would have been substantially lower to allow its carving.  But it could only be viewed easily from above!  Was it a message to past explorers deities?

Highlighted boat and sail.

View this region in "Google Earth" and decide for yourself.  What is that repeating rock pattern?

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