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T-Rex On Ice?

Buffalo Courier-Express

Friday, October 25, 1946

Page 3

Monster Looks
Like Relic Of
Ancient Days

Huge Reptile Found
On shore in Alaska


By Don P. Knudsen

Anchorage, Alaska, Oct. 24

(INS) -- Today I saw the body of

some kind of reptile that looks as

though it came out of the prehistoric

days when the earth was


I heard this morning that a monster

had been found on the Kenai

Peninsula (In Alaska) and I decided

to see for myself.

So with Bill Renfrew, an Anchorage

lawyer, I took a float plane

and flew from Anchorage to the

scene (roughly 150 miles away.)

We found the monster at the high

tide mark on the rocky beach.

Fifty feet behind it is a sheer cliff rising

 at least 200 feet.

That monster ia really something.

It is 18 feet 10 inches long, from

tip to tip. Of the total, the tail is

five feet five inches long. The

head is three feet 6 inches long

and two feet 2 1/2 inches wide.

There are 22 teeth in the lower

jaw and 20 in the upper jaw, and

they all are sharp pointed. There

were that many, that is—I brought

one tooth back with me. It is

about 3 1/2 inches long.

The animal looks like a big reptile

with a long jaw, but not as

long as an alligator's jaw.

The head comes to a sharp point

at the nose—I'd call it a reptilian

head. The hind legs are long and

heavy, but the fore legs are small,

so I suppose it walked mainly on

the hind legs.

Backbone Sticks Through Hide

The animal is still covered with

skin, which is very leathery, but

the backbone sticks out through

the hide.

There seems to be some bristly

hair on the hind quarters. It is

mottled black and gray. The whole

thing had been weathered somewhat

by the surf.

It looks to me as though a storm

tossed the monster up to the high

tide mark.

I figure it probably was preserved

in a glacier and recently

dropped out into an iceberg that

later melted in warmer waters.

There are three glaciers within 100

miles of the scene.

Encyclopedia Gives Clue

When we got back to Anchorage

I looked in the Encyclopedia Britannica,

and the monster appears

to be either a prehistoric tyrannosaurus

or a gorgonasaurus. (The

tyrannosaurus was a descendant

of the gorgonasaurus.)

(The encyclopedia reports that

the tyrannosaurus stood 18 feet

high and was 38 feet long and lived

in the Cretaceous period of the

earth's development. The gorgonasaurus

was smaller and

roamed what is now Alberta, Canada.)

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