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Pyramid on the Colorado River!

Buffalo Daily Courier

Thursday Morning September 8, 1853

Pyramid in the American Desert.

A party of travelers ascending the Colorado

some two hundred miles above its confluence with

the Gila, with a view to discover some tributary

of the former that would Indicate an easier and

more direct route to California, came upon an object

on the plain to the westward of the Colorado,

Which arrested their attention and caused no small

degree of wonder and excitement. It was first

descried at a distance, its regular outline, giving

it the appearance of a work of art. It proved to

be an immense stone pyramid, composed of layers

of courses of from eighteen inches to nearly three

feet in thickness, and from five to eight feet in

length. It has a level top of more than fifty feet

square, though it is evident that it was once completed,

but that some great convulsion of nature

has displaced its entire top, as it evidently now

lies a huge and broken mass upon one of its sides;

though nearly covered by the sands.

The discoverer gives the following description of

this ancient pile in a letter to a California

newspaper :

This-, pyramid differs, in some! respects, from the

Egyptian pyramid. It is, or was, more slender

or pointed; and while those of Egypt are composed

of steps or layers, receding as they rise, the

American pyramid was, undoubtedly, a more finished

structure. The outer surface of the blocks

was evidently cut to an angle, that gave the structure,

when new and complete, a smooth or regular

surface from top to bottom.

From the present level of the sands that surround it,

there are fifty-two distinct layers of stone,

that will.average at least two feet: this gives its

present height one hundred and four feet, so that

before the top-was displaced; it must, have been,

judging from an angle of i t s sides, at least: twenty

feet higher than at present. How far it extends.

beneath the surface of the sands it is impossible

to determine without great labor.

Such is the age of this immense structure, that

the perpendicular joints between the blocks are

worn away to the width of from five to ten inches

at the bottom of each joint, and the entire of the

pyramid so much worn b y the storms, the vicissitudes

and the corrodings of centuries, as to make

it easy of ascent, particularly upon one of its sides.

We say one of its sides, because a singular fact

connected with this remarkable structure is, that 

it inclines nearly ten degrees to one side of the

vertical or perpendicular.  there is not the slightest

probability that it was thus erected, but the

cause of its inclination is not easily accounted 


By whom, at what age of the world, and for

what purpose, this pyramid was erected, will probably

forever remain a hidden mystery.  This party,

in their unsuccessful attempt to cross the desert

at this point in their wanderings, discovered

other evidences of a nature that would seem to

make it certain that that portion of country upon

the Colorado, now the most barren, was once the 

garden and granary of the continent, and the abode

of millions.

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