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Bull Dog Serpent!

The Buffalo Courier

Sunday July 12, 1896

Page 9


Two Tacoma Men Land One
of the Curious Creatures.


It Became Tangled in a Net in Puget 
Sound - Seventeen Feet Long and 
Has a Head Like a Bull-Dog's.

The sea serpent has a t last been taken
alive in his native haunt, or rather from
his native haunt, if this, the placid waters
of Puget Sound, can be called the haunt
of such an animal. A porpoise finds his
way into the sound from the Pacific, and
occasionally a whale is seen spouting, but
the sea serpent was never thought of until
two Tacoma fishermen, R. E. McClean
and W. J. Kennedy, while fishing for
black bass about two miles north of the
mouth of the Humi Humi River, which
empties into Hood's Canal near Tacoma,
made the catch.

They were alongside a ledge where the
water drops off 100 to 150 feet deep, and
were using minnows for bait when their
attention was attracted to a commotion in
the net. The water's becoming agitated
was followed immediately by the head
of the monster appearing above the sur-
face. This struck terror to the already
frightened fishermen, who made for the
shore, dragging the net after them and
hauling it ue on the beach. The monster
was as ferocious as a tiger and bit and
snapped the gaff stick in pieces, and when
hauled on the beach rushed back over the
sands with the 100 feet of line and
swam out to sea as far as it could go.

The reptile was 17 feet long and as big
around as a man's body, and has every
characteristic of the snake except the
head, which is much like that of the
pugnacious bulldog. The under jaw is
heavy and covered with wrinkled skin, the
eyes are as large as a man's and as bright,
and will follow the movements of a person
as closely as the eyes of a cat follow a
mouse, and without the animal ever moving
its head. The general color of the
serpent is, darkish blue, with spots much
like those of a rattlesnake, the spots fading
out into lighter blue at the circumference.
The skin is smooth, like that of
the snake. The monster is finned much
like the halibut, having a long dorsal, very
thin, running down the back, while underneath
there is a similar fin, but only
near the caudal extremity. The animal s
jaws are set with rows of sharp teeth
like those of a cat, and the great strength
of the jaw enables It to sink its fangs to
the base in a stick of wood.

Immediately on its capture the animal
was lariatted and the water was lashed
into foam in its efforts to escape.

McClean and Kennedy say they are positive
it is the sea serpent which has so
long worried the marine world. In the
water, they say, the reptile looks larger
than it really is, and in this fact lies
much of the exaggeration from those who
claim to have-- seen sea serpents. They
say that such a monster as they have
taken swimming alongside a rowboat with
raised head would turn the oldest and
bravest fisherman's hair gray.

It has not been fed any since its capture
and subsists on whatever It can find
within the rope's length. The fishermen
have been relieved of their burden by
Gilbert Girard, the actor, who is on his
way East, and who intends presenting
the monster to the Smithsonian Institution.—(
Chicago Inter Ocean,

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