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Pleisosaur Dines on Lamb!

The Buffalo Courier

Tuesday, June 4, 1901

Page 3


Sea Serpent Appearances
Are Now Due and

Soroco, Me., June 2.—Summer vacations

must be close at hand, for the

sea serpent has appeared. How should

his arrival on the scene at this season

of the year be accounted for, unless

by the theory that the strenuousness

of winter is past and that the city pent

prisoner of hope turns his thoughts

naturally to tales of the sea and to the

leviathan that frights the hardy mariner

on his summer cruise? In May,

Behemonto may always be expected,

Sure enough, true to the time he came 

up on the weather bow this past week

Many as are the sea monsters on ;

whose existence ocean travelers have

staked their reputation for truthfulness,

none, strange to say, in recent

years has been captured for preservation

in a museum. It was not always

so. A hundred years ago there was

an instance of a sea serpent coming to

shore and suffering the extreme penalty

for his misdeeds.

This amphibious animal was shaped

like a horse. It was nearly 9 feet high,

was of proportionate length, had a

long tail and two fins as sharp as the

finest steel. The Hamburg Gazette of

1801, records the marvelous occurrence.

On the morning of April 8th of that

year, the monster came on shore near ;

Ostend. Every one fled before him, so

dreadful was the panic caused by his

appearance. Musket balls rebounded 

from his body, the skin being impenetrable,

and he ravaged the plains with ;

impunity. "Of a flock of sheep that 

fell in his way," says the chronicle, "he 

devoured no less than twenty, with a 

voracity greater than that of the most

ferocious tiger. After the most sangu-

inary depredations he retired and

plunged into the sea."

The inhabitants of the country, 

though solely dismayed, apprehensive,

of a second visit, prepared themselves

to check his career. Thirty of their

number, the bravest and most skillful

marksmen, were chosen to champion

their cause, should he return the next

day The sea serpent was rash enough

to land for a second foray, but this

time he was attacked, was "shot in

the ear, and at last taken in a net."

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