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Sea Serpent with Forked Tail !

The Buffalo Courier

Wednesday, May 29, 1889

Page 2


Nat Lyons  "Pipes Him Off" in

Upper Hudson—A Pretty Creature.

Newburg, May 28—The sea serpent fa

made his annual appearance in the

Hudson. Nathaniel Lyons, an old boatman,

who has retired from active service and is

visiting temporarily the pretty village of

Cold Spring, says that on Sunday afternoon

he was walking along the railroad track near

the river, when he heard a commotion in the

water. Looking around, he saw a scaly round

body as large as a barrel, which was alternately

arched above and concealed beneath

the water, and lay directly across the river.

The animal was evidently trying to turn

around, and the channel in the Highlands was

so narrow as to make it difficult. Once the big

body was raised about 25 feet, and a forked

tail with a spread like the foresail of a

schooner described a half circle near the east

shore, and churned up the water until it was

white with foam. Lyons says the spectacle

was terrifying. He watched it with his heart

in his throat, unable to move. The serpent's

head must have lain near the west shore, he

thinks, for he did not see it. Finally the big

snake "got turned around and sank out of

sight. There is no doubt that it returned

down the river. Lyons swears he had not

been drinking, because it was Sunday and he,

could not buy a drop of rum anywhere.

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